There is still hope for an SEC win

Company loving Mysery is really struggling right now. Without Kelly Bryant, their Offense is almost as offensive as our’'s. Maybe Barry can fire us up. Maybe for one game, our players can all pull together and beat the team that really started this implosion of our program three years ago.

It’d be a wonderful thing. I’ve decided our problems are not as much about talent as attitude. No doubt we are less talented than almost every other SEC team (maybe every other SEC team), but we’re not THAT less talented. Perhaps with a new coach, even if only an interim one, the players will summon a little pride & go out on a winning note. Such a thing would have to help our recruiting for the next coach. Sure couldn’t hurt. It’d also give the fans a little hope for next year

We gave A&M a good fight six weeks ago and Kentucky four weeks ago. Our talent is not that terrible. Some of them seem to have let go of the rope but maybe Lunney can get them to respond in the last two games. I’m reminded a little of my senior year of high school. We were really bad, 1-8 going into the last game, but somehow we got it together in that last game and won 28-0 against the #2 team in the conference. Maybe we can get that kind of effort against Misery.

Our defense has quit except for a couple of guys. That effort against Mississippi State and WKU was just pathetic. When was the last time we laid somebody out with a lick? We haven’t hit hard enough this year to bust an egg shell. We should have made life miserable for Ty Storey by rushing him and hitting him every play.

Maybe, Barry Lunney or one of the coaches there can get this defense interested in playing again. If not, LSU will lay 70 on us if Coach O doesn’t call off the dogs.