There is no way in Hell

That we are the 11th best team in the SEC! I could actually make the argument that we are the best team. We have no bad losses, and Auburn has played absolutely no one (which is a disgrace after playing in the Final Four). Besides the NCAA and FBI, what is Bruce Pearl afraid of?

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Auburn’s strength of schedule so far is #137 according to Pomeroy. Ours is #216. Based on RPI, Auburn’s schedule is even more ahead of ours. They’ve beaten 6 top-100 RPI teams; we’ve beaten three (and Georgia Tech is just barely, at #99)

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We can always count on you, Swine, to bring rain to the parade. You can quote all the KenPom BS you want, but Auburn doesn’t have a single win as big as our win tonite. I suggest that we would already be ranked if most of our games had been televised. Tell me I’m wrong.

Jeremy, I don’t give a flip if you managed the Chicago Bulls. When you’re wrong, you’re wrong. we didn’t get a single vote last week in the AP poll and one vote in the coaches poll and the coaches don’t have time to watch a lot of TV. So yes you’re wrong.

The voters look at our schedule and they see we struggled to beat Valpo at home, we struggled to beat Northern Kentucky, and we struggled to beat Austin Peay. And we coughed up a lead in the last few seconds to lose at Western Kentucky. That’s why we aren’t ranked.

Well swine, no matter what damper you put on most anything, most of us are enjoying a win over an 11-1, now 11-2 big ten storied team with more basketball tradition than we have. Did I read where it’s our first win on the road against a big ten team? Nolan and Eddie or mike didn’t do it. Could be wrong, I’m positive you’ll point it out if I am

I think most of us really enjoyed it whether our Pom Pom (Lol) rating or strength of schedule Is or if we barely beat sisters of the poor. A win is a win.

I for one am proud of our coach and players. Great great win.

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You obviously have the advantage over me, Swine. You know who I am, but I have no idea who you are. Doesn’t matter to me. At all. I have seen good Arkansas teams, and this is one. Most of the nation hasn’t seen us play, because most of our games have only been streamed. This is a top 25 team. I have watched every team in this conference play, and I still feel that way.


MHogs have not played a ranked team. That much I know. The good news is that they have two road wins. The three games on the road are tougher than what the Hogs have been attempting in the last few years. I give Eric Musselman for doing that to help prepare for the SEC.

Sometimes you don’t exactly know how teams are going to match up when you build the schedule. But it’s probably exactly the kind of schedule this team needed.

I have changed my expectations. I did not think they could make the NCAA tournament with the roster that he inherited. And, he’s doing it with almost exactly what he inherited, plus Whitt.

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I love Coach Muss, though I don’t think he gets credit for our road schedule this year. All three road games are returning games in series that started last year under Anderson. Muss himself even said that he didn’t have much to do with this year’s schedule.

I love the heart and desire to play hard that I see from these Hogs. Coach Muss definitely deserves lots of credit for how he’s coached them to this point.

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No question that at 11-1 we have had a very good season so far. We also have only had three true road games, and are about to face a much tougher schedule than we have thus far. I think we can be a NCAA Tournament team, and I could not be more pleased with Muss.

Happiness with what we have accomplished thus far is not the enemy of objective thought about what lies ahead.


What I see is a team that is squeezing every ounce of energy out of the talent they have. If we can just stay healthy and not run out of gas we have a chance to make the tournament.

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I am not going by current records, but based on what I see on the floor for the SEC teams. I think SEC’s top 4 teams right now are Kentucky, Florida, Auburn and LSU. We are playing like the fifth best team right now. But Miss State, Ole Miss, Tennessee will give us a fight for the 5th spot.

But yes, I never thought we were 11th best best on who we return this year and addition of Whitt plus we are the only team with no freshmen on the squad.

If we still had Gafford, we will be the best.

don’t go dissing the Pom Pom LOL

I don’t think LSU has played any better than the hogs. They have looked horrible at times. Their current record is
I think the hogs can beat anyone in the SEC! The question is how will they fair with a real short bench?

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And an unpleasant reminder is when we resort over to sec games they’ll be coming every 3 or 4 days, not a week apart. Could be quiet testy for this squad down the road. Yet I’m feeling confident Muss will get optimum quality out of the players he has.

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They’ll be tougher games, so that may wear on them a little. I don’t think twice a week will bother them though. They played 10 games in just under 6 weeks to start the season. It’s just been these last 2 weeks where they played just one a week.

The 9 road games could wear on them a little. The main thing I worry about with this team is a bad injury. I believe that’s the only thing that could derail their drive to the Big Dance.

Live in the moment because nobody thought at the beginning of the season we would be 11-1 and should be 12-0 right now.
7 AR players beat an Indiana team at their house. With pure hustle till the very end.
Should we be ranked yes, will we be ranked no not until we win some SEC games I guess.

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Frankly I see no reason to care at this point in time. We will know soon enough if we are good or not. Enjoy the ride.


I’m with you Bob. Soon enough.

Those two games per week times are two games per week for both teams. I think the Hogs lack of size and depth issues will rear their ugly heads a few times during our SEC run. But, the Indy win affirms that the Hogs likely do have a formidable team, clearly of the Top half or third of the SEC.

I also think the two games per week does limit preparation for the other team, that cuts both ways, too.

What was really good about the game with Indy is the Hogs shut down Indy’s great frosh, Jackson-Davis in the second half – and did that on the road. Tough defense.

I think this is the most important aspect of what CEM has done since he was hired as head Hog. This gives me great hope looking forward !! WPS