There is no doubt that

We are a better team/program than Missouri, yet the beat us almost every year.

It is so frustrating.

I don’t know if we don’t take them seriously? I don’t think that is it. But I just don’t know.

Almost without fail, they can really suck, and they will win.

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Uninspired football today, also 3 losses by three points or less

We are not better than Missouri. We are a worse football program than Missouri. I’m 100% serious too. They have a better football program than we do. Really cannot be questioned.

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It’s inexplicable. We should be something like 8-2 with them

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Agree to disagree. They are not.


Mizzou have had the better teams but that shouldn’t be the case. Arkansas has so many advantages over Mizzou. Pretty baffling.


Richard, you mean recruiting advantages? Please explain because I don’t necessarily see it.

It comes down to who wants to win vs who expects to win. Players got the same attitude as fans. That’s why we are losers.

Missouri is much better than us at the line of scrimmage. OL and DL superior to the Hogs. It’s why Mizzou won. Does that make them a better program? Maybe. Maybe not.


Funding, facilities, no pro sports, closer to Texas for recruiting purposes, tradition, etc.


The Missouri defense won this game for them. They just whipped our butts.

That cocky coach of theirs always looks like he swallowed a canary. He has a very punchable face.


I don’t think they have had the better teams many times. Some? Yes. We should have won more than lost, even with the Chad years, since they joined the SEC.

It ought to be an easy win at the end of almost every year. Like Tennessee vs. Vandy or UGA vs. GT.

I am angry at our coaches, the players who bailed, the administration who has allowed this BS to happen and continue to happen.

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Better program, us? 1 good year thanks to Covid seniors and a 1st round WR.
6 out of 7 years they have beaten us. They have better players than us period, they whipped our o-line all day. Their d-line has guys that make plays.


Nice facts Jackson! No argument here. Our record is who we are

I like this phrase and have used it. It should be used more often.

I hate to tell you this, but I suspect the MIZZU Fans feel that way about ending their season with the Hogs.
They see us as an automatic win and they done that with consistency.
The fluff and stuff with the facilities doesn’t and hasn’t proven to bring winning football to our program.

Mizzou has dominated us. We can say it shouldn’t be that way but that’s what the record is. It’s the same with the Aggies since we started the game in Dallas.

I’ve gone back and Rewatched every game against Mizzou…… it’s simple to me, they whip us at the line of scrimmage! They have better LBers more years then not… they just want it more… we lost 6 of the last 6! And have NEVER won a game there…

It is the coaching (Not limited to SP either). You get in games what you practice (expectations and compliance). The game at the end of the year leaves alot to be desired from fan and seasonal aspect but you only have 12 chances a year and each counts the same as the others. Good coaches set standards and expectations for all twelve. Mizzou has simply done better during the times we have met them but when you look at the records it seems we still do not acknowledge that they are looking forward to playing us more than we are them.

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