There is a lot to like about this team and program that Sam has given us ----------

-------- you got some guys like Clark and Blair who came to the Hill as walk-ons and are now starting in the SEC. Some may say that is not a good sign but the ones in the secondary that are being exploited the most are not the former walk-ons but much higher rated recruits who they have passed by.

So far, they have pulled away in the fourth quarter in each game. In years past, our thin defense was worn out by the fourth quarter running on fumes. We got more depth now, not enough yet in the secondary but much better at other positions.

We played poorly last week for a while and won. That “better than expected talent at QB and WR and their friends” totally focused on this game, played as well as they could have hoped to play with no turnovers, their low character but elite scheming staff gave it their super best shot and we won going away.

We are a “little more consistency at punter” away from having a very good special team. We took a punt to the house. We almost took an onside kick to the house too. We got an All Sec place kicker. This is light years better than in the past.

We got a bunch of really big and fast wide receivers and a tight end that are hard to guard and hard to stay with. We got the best running back in the SEC with the guy he could not beat out last year coming back from an injury to help him. The O-line is solid. KJ has not thrown an interception because the perfect pass that Knox fumbled into the defenders arms does not count. Only the defending national champ QB is higher rated than KJ.

We are leading the nation in sacks and our pass rush is getting better. We are also leading the nation in allowing the most yards after a catch so we got some tackling to improve, need to get some walking wounded back in the secondary, and hope our young guys back there grow up quick. But, we may have the offense that can carry the load until all of that happens.

I just feel like if we are close enough in the fourth quarter against anyone including Bama on our schedule, we can win the game. Not saying we will go undefeated but I don’t think anyone we play will look forward to playing us, this year, nor ever again in the future. JMVVVVVVHO


I’m not sure we played “poorly” last week as much as we had three turnovers; one clearly taking 7 off the board.

I do think this week is a real litmus test. wps

To me the playing poorly was that and the very poor tackling. Otherwise, I didn’t think we played that bad.


Sometimes other guys play great. I give a lot of credit to “da Bears.”


I agree with most you say here. We do have a good team overall.
The stats do not back you up with Blair though and I agree that interception was not KJ’s fault, but it does count. Perhaps a new stat category is needed.
As for the lack of tackling, which even affected Bumper last week, is the lack of live tackling in fall camp affecting the already not very good tacklers like J. Johnson now. I am not saying it is, just wondering what others think.
I do wonder what it says about our younger DB’s, that all have great reputations, if they keep rolling these struggling players out there.

I’m sure they practice live tackling less than they used to. Probably due to fewer players on scholarship, reduced practice time, and risk of injury. But it shows up on Saturday

We’re just not deep with strong, athletic, skilled ballplayers. Not a Bama clone. Our “next man up” is likely a kid.

So, our recent progress says an awful lot about our coaches.