There is a long way to go before it is certain, but................

…so far, CEM appears to be a recruiting upgrade to CMA, which is just what this program needed. One of the recruiting handicaps that CMA had to overcome is a system that is not a clear bridge to the pros. It relied on lots of good players playing really hard for short bursts and lots of subs. CEM comes with a system that originated in the pros and fits what many teams are doing there now. That is not his only recruiting edge but it is a very big one. At this point in the process, there is no way CMA would have had a 5-star who, if he doesn’t move up to this years recruiting class, appears to be destined for the next one. There is another 4/5 star guard very interested in next year’s class. CEM appears to be on the verge of bringing in 3-5 new older recruit transfers that still leaves room for next year’s class. His appeal to Moody, Moore, and the others in Arkansas’ great upcoming class may be greater than CMA’s with his pro system. The proof will be who all he finally gets to come and what he does with them next year. It appears he is on the verge of a huge upgrade in talent and experience for this team and none of this seemed likely if CMA had stayed. So far, so good, now let’s finish strong!

Let’s hope Muss proves your post is right. As they say proof is in the pudding.

CMA had two problems. One, signing out of state 5 stars and never losing an instate 5 star to a blueblood.

Muss has a chance to take care of the first problem in the next six months if he can sign Kyree Walker or Nimari Burnett.

For the second item, we may have to wait a little longer since currently there is no instate 5 star that is wanted by a blue-blood.

BTW, all coaches build relationships with recruits at an early age when they see potential. Sometimes those kids develop into 5 stars and sometimes they don’t.

One other thing, CMA played it close to his vest when it came to recruiting. So, we know much more of what Muss is doing in recruiting. So, it is harder to evaluate, but I do sense that Muss has a wider network than Mike.

Agree with most of your points but Moses Moody is the 5 star in the instate group that I had in mind.

Not to speak for PJ, but Moses is now a consensus 4-star on 247 composite ranking. He also does not yet have any offers from the “Blue Bloods” that PJ referred to (Duke, KY, NC, Kansas). ESPN is the only service where he is still a 5-star at #22 (the last 5-star). On 247 and Rivals, Moses has dropped to #38 and #47 respectively.

Not to knock Moses, because I would love for Muss to sign him. Also, we would stand a much better chance of signing him if he doesn’t get a “Blue blood” offer.

While I truly think that is going to be the case, CEM has only signed one player so far so - as you noted - not really a big body of work to pronounce that as accurate just yet

Good point and i haven’t crowned him yet but i’m definitely excited. I am happy that he is offering on another level and i think we might get to a point under Muss where folks don’t freak out when we miss on the instate kids or don’t prioritize them.

I didn’t expect much from his first class.

On the other hand, i think history will prove that the returning Soph’s and Mase will end up being a fantastic class.

There are certainly many reasons to be excited about those he is going after this year and the following ones

If CEM is able to sign both Burnett and Walker the pressure of needing to have Moses Moody isn’t what it once would’ve appeared to be, but that’s “IF”, wouldn’t that be a great problem to have.
If that were to happen and Moses decided he wanted to be a Razorback we would be loaded with the type of talent that other 4 & 5 stars would want to play with.
I for one look forward to this happening.

Go Hogs!