There is a difference in a pipe dream and reality

Some on here need to realize there is no reason for a big name coach to want to come to Arkansas. None. So we usually get a fairly young growing coach or one who might have Arkansas ties.

Actually with some exceptions of course, over the years we have done very well finding a new coach.

I don’t believe we can’t get a big name coach, but there are things working against us.

  1. We are paying off and might still be paying off at least 1 coach’s buyout.

  2. The perception of firing a coach not even two years into his tenure.

  3. Yurachek’s stance on not having major buyouts might come into play with getting the coach he might have wanted. Any coach worth his salt is going to demand a sizable buyout to protect themselves because they can. If Yurachek doesn’t want to play that game, then it limits the pool of candidates considerably.

Yes, we have the facilities, fan base, and backing of most of this state that a coach can work with, but those will only go so far for most people.

Lets also not forget coaches see a history of firing the AD so we could fire the coach two years ago as he walked off the field. They also see a fanbase that has flown banners over stadiums asking for a coach to be fired, searched FOI records of cell phones to promote rumors about a coach, and attacked a QB to the point someone lit his car on fire. Our fans are as much of the problem as the Administration.

Yurachek has already stated we will not be changing the status quo on buyouts. He has a made it clear that he does not like the current model, and feels it is not sustainable, but recognizes the UA cannot be the lone wolf in trying to change it. So there will be a security buyout in the new coaches contract.

A good head coach with good asst coaches who can recruit and who knows how to coach will turn this around in 2 or 3 years. As bad as the last 2 seasons have been, CCM left us with a solid recruiting class so not a total loss. Unfortunately, we did not have right coaches who could evaluate, motivate & develop those players & coaches who could lead & coach smart on game day.

SEC West is a challenge, but Arkansas is a great opportunity for a good coach. We are in a good location to recruit talent rich No. TX and have proven this past year that we can effectively compete here for recruits. Does not hurt that there is large Razorback following in DFW.

If Drinkwitz, Harsin, or whomever we sign proves to be a home-run hire, we are back in the mix.