There have been 8 NBA Finals Sweeps...

And Lebron had been on the losing side of two of them. Not being
a fan of his I find it amusing. I can admit he is one of the greats
to play the game, but its not talent that makes me dislike him.


Goodbye Cleveland, Hello LA.

I used to watch the NBA Finals every year, almost every game, but I have maybe watched 30 minutes combined the last two years. I turned it on at the end of the third quarter last night, saw the score and tuned out pretty quickly. I’ve grown fatigued of the Warriors-Cavaliers matchup.

In both sweeps Lebron carried a team to the Finals that had no business being in the Finals and might not have made it even to the conference finals in the West. The reason that they were overmatched obviously had nothing to do with Lebron. I don’t see how the sweeps tarnish his legacy at all.

On the other hand, this notion that he had a playoffs for the ages sort of ignores his competition as well. Indiana was a team that many thought would be in the lottery at the beginning of the season. Toronto is a perennial underperformer in the playoffs, and Boston wasn’t supposed to make it out of the first round after being decimated by injuries.

Cleveland’s supporting cast isn’t as bad as many make it out to be relative to the East. Kevin Love is a legit All-Star in the East. You would think that Wade, Crowder, Clarkson, Hill, and Hood would be a lot better at Cleveland with so much attention devoted to Lebron and Love as compared to the teams that they left, but they weren’t. They were overall worse in some cases, and none had a huge bump in production. George Hill was a lot better in the playoffs last year with Utah than with Cleveland this season. Some players seem diminished playing next to Lebron for some reason. It’s hard to explain. He’s one of the best playmakers ever. Lebron’s ball dominance may cause rust to form on mere mortals, and I’m not sure that Lebron will let a coach coach. Part of it may be psychological from the media. When Cleveland wins, it is because Lebron is otherworldly. When they lose, it is because everybody around him is complete crap.

I suspect Irving got tired of that narrative. His efficiency numbers went up in Boston where in theory he was more a focus of the defense. Lebron seems to be part of the reason Lebron doesn’t have enough help. Why? I’m not sure.

Magic and Kareem also were on the losing side of two of them. You going to make fun of them as well or is it just LeBron that can get made fun of?

Lebron thinks he’s bigger than the game. I’ll be glad when he retires and we read about him joining the long list of superstars that are broke!

Don’t understand the hate. He plays the game the right way, I‘ve never heard about him in trouble with the law, substance abuse or anything like that. The man has an empire, seems intelligent so I wouldn’t hold my breath on him going broke.

You should probably lay off the NBA takes.

He’s not going to go broke any more than Michael Jordan did. And for the same reason – the Nike money doesn’t stop when he retires.

By the way, Jordan’s ego is just as big if not bigger.

I’m not a huge LeBron fan, but I don’t understand wishing anybody to fall into a bad situation. The man can play the game and does it the right way. I prefer Jordan, but both are the best players of their respective eras. If you don’t like LeBron, change the channel. If you do like LeBron, enjoy his greatness while it lasts.

To play alongside of LaBron James, you need a huge ego or a ton of self-confidence in your own abilities. He just dominates the game on and off the court. He is a larger than life character who most great players don’t want to deal with as a teammate. You would have to submit, so to speak, to play with James. Most great players don’t want to do that. You give him a couple of other studs, like Paul George and somebody else… They could go back and whip Golden State next year. You just never know. He is the best player on this planet right now, even at he approaches his mid 30’s.

Golden State has a great combination of several outstanding players, but not one dominating personality, like James. Everybody can fit in, so to speak, and form a great team. That is how I read this situation, anyway, for what it’s worth.

Great player, but basketball is still a team sport.

Not a fan of James but you can’t argue his greatness. He lost a lot of respect across the country for the announcement of the Bosh, James, and Wade union at Miami a few years ago and it was unbridled arrogance and stupidity that he admitted later on. The one difference between he and Jordan is he doesn’t like to look bad on defense. If KD was eating his teammates alive scoring, Jordan would leap over a building to guard him and limit the damage. James guards KD a few seconds and then welcomes a screen to get away from him… he can’t handle looking bad and it’s been the same his whole career.

I’m a MJ guy, but Lebron was exhausted this series. At least Jordan had Pippen to share some of the load offensively and defensively. With that said I agree that he MJ had more of a killer instinct.