There has never been an announcer as annoying

as Bill Walton. No on is close (IMO). He is making the Oregon vs. Arizona game almost unwatchable.

Vitale. The game before us today was excruciating.

Different tastes for different folks.

I love Walton - and not just because he used to be a Celtic

I started to say with the possible exception of Dukee V, but I honestly thing Walton is worse.

I knew you were a good guy DD; a real force of nature… spiritual creature :sunglasses:

You mean the Bill Walton show, where they talk about everything but the game? I’m not going to lie it’s hilarious to me, but I would be mad if he was calling the hog game, because I like to hear the calls and play by play because I’m usually in and out of the room. As far as Walton, I usually listen for about 10-15 minutes to get a good laugh then turn the channel of the game he’s calling, that’s about all I can take. I said in another thread, imagine a Dickie V/Bill Walton called game. Oh man, that would outta control. With that said, I like both guys, they honestly make this time of year fun. I couldn’t imagine March Madness without them.

I haven’t cared for him ever since his hillbilly comments about the hogs! I mute my TV when he announces a game! Dicky V is a band wagon jumper one minute he is on the Duke train, Kansas train or Kentucky train talking about the spoiled diaper dandys baby ! They both irritate me.
Put them in a foxhole and they would both probably run. You do have to give Walton credit he is all PAC 12!


I enjoy Bill Walton calling games, but I can see why not everyone would.

I like Walton, too, but I can see how many people can’t stand him.

If he said “Conference of Champions” once this week he said it 500 times. And, he spends about 3/4 of the game not talking about the game and also is a homer’s homer (he even said Alford and Miller weren’t arguing during the postgame handshake).

But, what I like about him is that aside from Ucla and AZ (his alma mater and his son’s) he will pretty much call anyone out.

I laughed out loud tonight at the end when he started calling Lunardi out on his own network hours before the NCAAT selection show.

He started to say Lunardi’s comment that the P12 Champ. Game didn’t matter was a bold-faced lie until someone from ESPN screamed in his headset and he pivoted and called it Balderdash.

I also sometimes LIKE that he doesn’t take the game too seriously and will muse about just about anything.

It’s more entertaining than the standard, by-the-book PBP straight man/overexcited, look at me, former Coach/Player color man.

Vitale. If you actually listen to what he says instead of being distracted by the decibel level, he actually brings NOTHING to the table. No analysis whatsoever. Bilas, Raftery, Kellogg, Farnham, any number of color men, bring so much more to the table than Dick Vitale.

Disagree, he brings as much as the other four. I agree with you it’s nothing