There are some on here that say hell no to Freeze

Why? Because he made some mistakes in his personal and professional life? Who hasn’t? If you made a mistake would you never want to be forgiven? I think because he has made mistakes he will be extra diligent in righting some wrongs. Did he cheat in recruiting? The only difference is he got caught. Don’t think Saban cheats, bull crap. Freeze was beating our assess and Saban’s ass the entire time he was at Ole Miss! Don’t be too sanctimonious- Arkansas has become the place where Coaches come to die - we may be lucky to get a high profile Coach

Much rather have him than a dice roll from Boise State – the difference – Freeze is a proven winner in the SEC at a similar program.

If you want to hire a crook, hire one smart enough to maybe not get caught. Freeze has not shown he can check that box.

For some fans who think we must get a high profile coach, let me say I recall Bowden Wyatt was at Wyoming and surely not a high profile name when we got him and one Frank Broyles had one year as a head coach at Missouri when we got him. IMO we do not have to have a six million dollar man if we can get one who gets the job done. I hope our people are looking at the strengths of our new guy, not how much money he wants.

Because he won with the benefit of a notorious, over the top pay for play operation.

Unless he’s going to have a similar setup here we have no proof he can succeed.


He is a clown on top of that.

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Freeze was as good as using the bag man as Will Wade. But I was always impressed with how hard his players played for him.

But no Freeze IMO. We can do much better.

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When hell Freezes over. He couldn’t even beat Bielema with paid players.


He told them they’d have “one of his girls” waiting in their room if they played hard.

He beat Saban twice.

Arkansas has not beaten Saban since 2002 when he was at LSU.

Based on all these rabid responses against, I am reminded of the Arkansas track record, Freeze is never going to happen, wasting our time talking about it. It was Jimmy Johnson back in 77 and 83.

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So you are saying if we miss on Freeze it will be like missing on Jimmy Johnson?

He beat Saban twice in three years, but he was 0-3 against Bret Bielema in that same stretch.

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How does anyone know what Freeze can do without the significant levels of talent he had at Ole Miss?
How does anyone know if he can get that talent again at Arkansas with methods that don’t get Arkansas put on probation?
I’ll posit that you can’t judge Freeze based on his past with Ole Miss because it was a mirage.

No To Freeze.

Agree with this.

No, sorry, I’m not about to get into an argument with anybody on here, including those of you who are adamant No-Freeze. Of course, no matter what a person says on here, somebody will pick pieces out of the post and try to start a virtual fight. I’ll try to be clearer so it does not offend.

I am saying Arkansas will never go out on a limb and hire any candidate with a hint of controversy. Jimmy Johnson is a great example. At that time, those against Johnson had no idea what he would do eventually, hindsight is 20/20, and we all know now JJ would have been a good hire. But it would not have changed a thing, Arkansas never would have hired him.

I am also saying the opposition to Freeze on here is impassioned, and there is nothing anybody can say to change those minds.

And most importantly because of those two things, this hire is never going to happen. Wasted breath to discuss a possible Freeze hiring, if it’s being discussed in the context of Freeze being a real candidate.

Freeze lost to Bret Bielema three straight times with clearly superior talent – 30-0 in the rain at Fayetteville, the Henry Heave, the 34-30 game at Fayetteville. He’d beat Bama and then turn around and lay an egg. Kinda like another former OM coach, HDN. If you’re going to cheat like that, at least win big. I’m much more concerned with his coaching ability than who he had in his phone contact list. Although calling hookers on your company phone is not a sign of great intelligence.

not many Ole Missyians that are willing to talk are proud of ever hiring Freeze, if where there is smoke there is fire than he has many, many misdeeds on personal side that rival BP.

What say SJ Tuiohy who seems to be doing really well in Fayetteville and would have all the info available about the Freeze time in Oxford? I would bet that SJ Tuohy would not want or would consider doing that interview because Freeze so conflicts SJ’s personal convictions.

Hugh Freeze would be looked upon as a loser or desperation hire after all the names floated, Indeed HF is a bigger joke than Lester Miles the grass muncher. Circumstances in Fayetteville don’t match Oxford in HF time and I 100% doubt he could make it happen, less chance than even HDN and I am way over even listening to that guy.

Great points. And as we all know, SJ’s mama knows more about football than Hugh Freeze. Speaking of SJ. Where does he go from here?