There are players like Brandon Burlsworth that far exceed expectations...............

…from when they arrive to when they finish their careers. Mitch Mustain might be the poster boy for the opposite situation. I am not trying to bash any former or current players but I think it is OK to render an opinion on their success. Here goes:

Exceeded Expectations:
Kevin Richardson (former walk-on who is now a valuable nickel back in the secondary)
Grant Morgan (not a starter but playing second team and special teams well)
Dre Greenlaw (local safety recruit quickly bulked up and emerged as an elite SEC outside linebacker)
Johnny Gibson (unheralded recruit who is starting for the third year on a bad offensive line in the SEC)

Performing About As Expected:
Sosa Agim (best player in the defensive line as the only 5*)
Scooter Harris (good SEC linebacker who turned down a late Bama scholarship offer to play for the Hogs)
Ryan Pulley (good cornerback recruit and a good, not great, SEC cornerback)
Haljte Froholdte (good rated recruit and he has become a good, but not great, SEC offensive guard)
Cheyenne O’Grady (good at the time tight end recruit and, if he can stay out of the dog house, could easily move up into the “exceeded” category)
Kareem Boyd (good JC back originally signed by A&M and is now our best back when healthy)

Performing Below Expectations:
I don’t want to bash individual players too much so let’s just say that those not mentioned above, particularly most of the offense, have not met expectations so far or the jury is still out on them. Devwah, when healthy, is close to meeting the expectations that came with him.

I believe Boyd has exceeded expectations. Most JC guys just don’t pan out. Boyd is a super-talented running back. He may be the most talented back in the SEC. He hasn’t played much, but he might have gotten 200-300 yards against Ole Miss. He has the explosive speed and moves. He is the real deal.

I would say Ty Storey has underperformed expectations from when he signed at Arkansas. He was a very highly recruited quarterback. He has been a decent, solid performer this year, but he has not met expectations for being that highly recruited and highly regarded. Expectations can be on the mark or off the mark for any of us. Potential is a hard thing to handle along with expectations…not easy burdens to deal with.

Considering Boyd didn’t get here until August, learn the playbook & move past the RB’s already here & perform at the level he has. I’d say he more than exceeded expectations.
Also Coach Morris exceeded expectations landing this guy away from the coach (Sumlin) who initially recruited him aTm & tried to get him to Arizona.

Gonna have to disagree with you on a few. Pulley and Scoota were both huge steals. Pulley was a low 3 star, Harris a mid 3. Talk about diamonds in the rough. Imagine this defense without those two.

Some thought O’Grady was the best tight end in the country. He has been in the “less than expected” category for most of his career. He’s often been in the doghouse. But, you might argue that he’s been about like expected since the word of his high school career is that he was pampered and not asked to practice when he didn’t feel like it (and that was often).

O’Grady is an enigma wrapped in a riddle. I don’t know what to think about him. He is so physically gifted. He torches Alabama, coming out nowhere this year. He and Boyd are our 2 offensive playmakers. He has NFL physical skills, but he is so undependable…it is bizarre.

I think it says a lot about this coaching staff. They got the light to come on when the previous staff couldn’t.