There are 6 games left

…and I would encourage everyone on the board to lay off the public “who is gonna be the next coach” talk. Phone or barstool conversations with a buddy are one thing. A public message board is another.

I have always, and continue to find it distasteful and just plain unproductive to openly discuss who a “next coach” will be in the middle of the season. I would assume almost all of us would like nothing better than for the kids that actually take the field as the Hogs to win some games, starting now. Correct? So, I would encourage the dialogue be more on the remaining games…and once the season is over…THAT will be the time for coaching discussions.

JMO. And a humble suggestion.

While I get what you are trying to say, message boards are here for speculation and it’s no different at any other school.

We have board rules and we do our best to enforce them.

Being frustrated at being 2-4 and not having a win over a Power 5 program in nearly a year and thus speculating on who might be the next coach if Arkansas makes a move is not one of them.

In many ways, message boards have become the barber shop or town square coffee shop (without everyone knowing your name - that’s probably a bad thing). But you’ll never keep people from coming over here and bantering.

CBB has brought the speculation on himself with his performance.

I am hopeful that he will win the next 6 games and remain as our coach IF he goes out and gets us a MUCH better O-line coach that can recruit some studs.

We need a major defensive upgrade as well and I’m not sure going to a 3-4 was the right call. If they don’t start getting some pressure on the QB’s it won’t matter what our offense does.

That’s one thing the message boards are for is to vent about our frustrations, everyone on here has to be a pretty loyal fan to pay our money to talk about the hogs on the forum… If we were winning someone will still be complaining but it would just be less of it but since were not this is whats going to happen…

KEEP in mind, ALL of our losses have come to teams with VERY good records. Bama/TCU are undefeated. aTm should only have one loss save for poor clock mgmt. vsv UCLA and believe it or not, I’m thinking USCe is 5-2.
The back half of the schedule is much more do-able and as CJFB said, “they remembuh NovembuH”…

I understand your point and do mostly agree, I am a by nature pretty optimistic and positive person but I do enjoy reading both positive/negative posters and then form my own opinions. The one minor difference, even though it is a public board, I really consider it a private board since it is a pay only board. So besides having access to some subject lines, that is it really. Maybe good to keep “who is gonna be next coach” out of the subjects or encrypt the titles for those outsiders :smiley:

This is the way I view it as well. I agree with Maestro as well about the distaste for replacement coaches discussion.

Speaking of coaches Mike Norvell’s Memphis Tigers put on a show last night. Down 17-0 they did the unimaginable … made adjustments and came from behind at halftime to win 42-38.

Should be on the short list.

I agree that it is a bit early for that kind of talk. People gonna do what they gonna do, but I wish they would refrain from new coach talk until we pick up a 7th loss. At that point it will be open recruiting season for a new HC. My hopes are fading, but I do take some comfort in knowing that after Aubrun, we’ve got a real shot at winning four more games.

If Bielema wins these next six games, I’m all for keeping him otherwise he needs to be gone.

He seems like a very good young coach.

But he needs to learn how to manage the clock late a little bit better.

Could have been handled better, but the second half performance other than that was fantastic. Glad we’re not playing them though - they’d beat the brakes of Arkansas IMO.

Very impressive, I got to watch the game at a bar in Memphis actually, very lively crowd. You could give our coaching staff 8 quarters and they couldn’t game plan to come back down 17-0.

I said he checks a lot of boxes off with really the fact that he has had a few discipline and legal issues with some of his players one of the few drawbacks.