Their making plays they would make

1 in 100 times. The backhand short hop that shortstop made he would never make that one again
That is simply a stabbing hope play! Can a second baseman diving like that was a good play but I guarantee he wont make it many times. . We’re in trouble we don’t pull this out. Oru will be throwing their Ace against our number 3 guy

we have been too passive at the plate.

Yes sometimes we do take way too many picthes and I’ll never ever understand that as good hitters as we have. Makes absolutely no sense

I actually thought we were too aggressive early against a guy who is known to be wild. He was trying to walk us into some innings and instead we were swinging at ball 4s.

Cole had a big one on a 58-foot fastball that was a ball out of the hand.

Aggressive swinging early at bad pitches when should have been taking them. Then got passive late when the strikes were coming. Batting/hitting is such a mental aspect in baseball & a catch 22 - be patient or aggressive. Either one can work on the pitchers mentality as well. Just have to know or feel when you’re getting into the pitchers head.
Then there is the Umpire factor which is rarely even remotely the same from game to game, when it comes to balls & strikes.

Baseball like any other sport is a game where a couple of great plays and/or a little luck can swing an outcome, but especially in baseball I think. We have seen our guys make some 1 in 100 plays recently also.

ORU bringing their ace doesn’t scare me. We have knocked aces out of the park recently also. Florida comes to mind.

no I am not scared eitherJim our back was against the wall in the SEC Tournament and we came out swinging.

Well Youd this is where we see what this team is made of. Do or die so to speak. But our bats have been relatively quiet lately, so I’m thinking they come alive. We’ll see.

Agreed. We could have done some serious damage on their starter if we’d been more patient. And Koch is absolutely lost.