The young people do understand

Congratulations to the student section for bringing it Saturday night. For those who have said our young folks don’t understand the dynamics of playing Texas, you are wrong. The students get it. They were as good Saturday night as any student section has ever been for a Texas game. It was wonderful.

I do not worry about the future of playing Texas with a group that does not understand what us old timers feel. They know. It was big time.


Throw in most of them weren’t allowed to enroll at UT, and it’s easy to see that hatred continuing.

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Had not considered that. They competed Saturday night like Loyd Phillips. Some may not know this, but Texas did not recruit Loyd. He never forgot and played in a rage. He had a 3-0 record against Texas (as did his teammates). I believe Ronnie Caveness was recruited by Texas, but he played like they ignored him, too.


My daughter went to OU because Texas turned her down. 4.2 and ACT 32, but at a very competitive high school so she wasn’t in top 6%. She hates Texas as an OU student, in part motivated by the 6% rule and UT turning her down. I have always hated Texas, of course. I sat Saturday night one section over from the student section. I’m 54. I haven’t been to as many Fayetteville games as some of you, but I’ve been plenty and I’ve never seen such a great student section. Plus, for those of you complaining in the past about the loud music, I think it was fantastic. Really got the kids going, and provided great energy throughout the stadium. That DJ is a genius. Good mix of genres. So great. Really proud to be a Hog fan, and especially proud for the students.


We walked up to the stadium from a tailgate in the gardens about 45 minutes before kickoff. The line to get in for the students stretched from their entrance on the south end of the stadium, up the stairs to Razorback Road, all the way south on Razorback Road past Barnhill and the Hyper building to Meadow, west on Meadow to the parking lot entrance west of the Hyper, then all the way back north almost to Barnhill. They were pretty fired up.

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Ditto this! The music was fantastic Saturday!!

I was proud of the students, too. My last few years as a season ticket holder were in the EOC above the student section. I was appalled at how many left at halftime of games, even good games, and didn’t come back. That didn’t happen Saturday night. They didn’t leave the stands until they ran onto the field.

I’ve been skeptical of their ability to appreciate the hate their elders feel about Texas, but perhaps they do indeed get it. My daughter was a counselor at Camp Kanakuk one summer when she was a UA student. She’s too young to remember the SWC, but one of the traditions as I understand it at the camp is for counselors to exchange their schools’ t-shirts with other counselors. A Texas girl wanted to exchange with my daughter. She turned her down. She said there are just some things she could never do. I was so proud.


You raised her right…. :rofl:

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The Horns don’t know how big of a favor they did for Arkansas by joining the SEC. Every team needs a true, feel-it-in-your-bones rival, and the only one Arkansas has really every had has been Texas. Sure, individual fans may feel that way about other teams, but as a fan-base, we never have replaced Texas.

And, IMO, that has hurt us as we have tried to fit into the SEC. There is kind of a step-child syndrome where you feel like you don’t belong because everyone else has these long-played rivalry games that their fan-base points toward.

Of course, younger fans don’t yet “get it” entirely like we “olders” do…but they DO get the feeling that Mom, Dad, Uncle Bill, Grandad, etc. feel and impart to them. And they certainly got a dose of it for themselves on Saturday. Now, before that flame is extinguished by the passing of time (and all of us that lived it ourselves), it will be passed to a new generation and live on as people my age fade away. I have no doubt that it will galvanize our fans.

Plus, I also feel that OU will become a real rivalry in the next 15-20 years of playing them on the regular. I don’t know how much of that I’ll be around to see, but I’m very happy to know that it will develop. Plus - now that Aggie finally figured out how to beat us, that series has gotten more “rivalry” status than it ever had before.

These are good developments for Arkansas…not bad, as many characterize them. We now solidly belong to the SEC in a way we never did before. And…we’ve got the RIGHT coach. Good things are in our future. Not, over night. But, year by year.


I complained about the noise level of music for the Rice game, but feel that that level for the Texas was perfect! To my ears, the Texas game music was not as loud; I believe they adjusted it from the first game to the next.

Agree that rivalries are great but hope we do not return to the SWC days where ut was our one big game & benchmark for success every season & the rest of our games were less significant & somewhat of a letdown. Too much focus on ut was in part my primary reservation about them joining the SEC but recognize the high level of SEC play (vs SWC) may balance the scales.

Have enjoyed the SEC where every game is against other quality opponents representing their respective states & viewed as bitter rivalries, especially LSU, OM, aTm, & Auburn. Perhaps OU will become another equal rivalry for us so that the ut game is no more significant than other conference games.

It’s that last phrase that makes me not worry about the first sentence. Back in the old SWC there were 2-3 good teams: Texas, us and often somebody else. The others were not very good. In the SEC there are 10-11 good teams & 2-4 that aren’t very good. And of the 10-11 good ones, 2-3 of them are elite.

No matter how they decide to fix the schedules, we’re gonna still face a “Texas” level team 6 or 7 times a year.

I still don’t understand the concept of piped in music at a college football game when you have a band. Sometimes two bands.

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HY, CSP, Muss, Van Horn & others understand how to achieve a higher level of success against other good SEC teams & have the talent & tools to do so. If you the listed the qualities that make schools competitive & successful, we check most of the boxes.

Our proximity to DFW & Texas helps & our playing ut, ou, & aTm gives us more exposure while most Big12 survivors become less desirable destinations for top Texas recruits. Saban will eventually retire such that the SEC will become more balanced. I assume that we have learned to not repeat the mistakes of our prior AD.

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I read Clay’s story on the students and their hatred of all things Texas. I will say the internet boards are full of stuff this weekend about the Hogs win and welcoming Texas to the conference but there is almost universal hate and feelings by fanbases in SEC and Big 12 toward Texas as the Arkansas fanbase has. It is amazing to read the varied content and remarks on the arrogance that Texas has fostered beyond the Arkansas fanbase.


Back in the 1990’s when TN was atop the college football world & TX was down I was in an airport & saw a longhorn fan with a burnt orange T on his white cap with a burnt orange bill. I couldn’t resist saying something to him about “your volunteers” having a good year this year. He didn’t realize I knew his was a different shade of orange & just said, “No, this is a Texas hat.” I just said, “oh, sorry” & left it at that. But inside I was chuckling.


I have good friend who is Tenn. Vol fan. When news came out that Texas was joining the SEC, I called him and asked how a good ole boy from Arkansas could tell the two teams apart with all the orange and T logos. He reply was we are not the arrogant ones. I told him at one time in the 1990’s that would be the kettle calling the pot black so to speak but Spurrier and Bama has fixed it for Tennesse since then. He said we all will fix it for Texas when they start playing conference schedules week in and week out.

I am one of those who have complained (I don’t think on here, but at least to myself!) and you are right. The music was well timed, well played and got the crowd going. I stand corrected.

Back in the day, you didn’t have TV timeouts that were 2:30, 3:00, or longer. Some ESPN timeouts were 3:20! That is half of a halftime show for the RMB. They cannot sustain playing for 3 minutes 15 times a game AND do pregame AND do halftime AND do postgame AND do the myriad of pep rallies leading up to games (that have slowly built up from “rare” back in the 80s to “everywhere” now).

So, some DJ work is okay. The DJ work had been rather unimpressive for years. Mimicking other schools, long cuts, significant volume issues with stadium announcer and the band, etc. This week was the best performance yet. Artful segues, tasty blend of many musical styles (not all encompassing but better), and they left time and space for traditions like the cheerleaders and band.

We are fortunate to have a great fight song. Many schools lack that. The variation fight (plays right after the fight song on scoring plays, often starting while the PAT is being executed) is a nice touch few schools have. Swing March (The “A” going down the field during pre-game) is a bonus. William Tell Overture. NFL Today. Tusk. We probably have MORE band traditions than any school, matched only by Bama and Texas. You’ll note (or maybe I’ll help): Bama and Texas are probably the two best marching bands we will see this year. LSU comes close and has a nice selection of traditional tunes.

Folks always try to come up with “suggestions” and the biggest one I can offer is - find a place for EACH of our traditional band songs so that we come to expect them! 2001: Zarathustra is always the break after the 3rd quarter. Good! That is good timing. The DJ does not tred on that territory. There was a nice interplay that timeout vs UT - 2001, DJ, band again.

But, musicians don’t like sustaining sound for 3 minutes. The louder the crowd the louder they have to play, too. We already have to amplify them subtly so the sound reaches all of RRS. (UT, Ohio State, and some other schools with big stadiums will have bands another 40-60 students bigger than RMB so that they can fill the stadium with sound.)

One more tidbit on “tradition” and band. In 1984 or 1985 the band abandoned the traditional pregame that started in 1970-ish and is still used today. Abandoned for one year. The school asked for the band to include the song “Arkansas, You Run Deep In Me” apparently in an attempt to find a “state song” not unlike TX, OK, WVA, and TN. It failed miserably, and was abandoned after that one year, thankfully. Some things cannot be forced upon a school. Tradition is hard; cherish and nurture what you have.


Cherish and nurture indeed.