The worst SEC fans

I hope Arkansas fans never make this list on other boards. During games I’m as loud and rowdy as anybody, but before and after games -win or lose, home or away- I treat our opponent’s fans with dignity and respect. Have met some wonderful people and shared a lot of great conversation, food and drink. Life is too short to waste time hating anybody. I am too old for that. We are all Americans. I expect the same attitude from other team’s fans…but, that today is a fantasy, especially when attending games on the road.

The worst fans (to me) show up in Oxford and Baton Rouge. It’s a tie. I can deal with obnoxious morons, and there are plenty at both schools. Just don’t understand the blatant lawlessness. My worst experience was at the 2001(?) 7 OT thriller with UM in Oxford. That was a life threatening situation I will never forget. I’dont hate the Johnny Reb Black Bear Land Snarks for that now, but I did for a while. Never had serious issues in Baton Rouge, but I know others who have. There’s no place for this in college sports.
Let’s strive to have the best team and best fans in the SEC.
Excuse the rant.


I’ve attended many Hog/Vol football, basketball and baseball games in Knoxville & Fayetteville. I’ve found Vol fans (on the whole) to be fine folk. Always a few bad seeds even with Hog fans.


All schools have a few obnoxious jerks. Most are drunks.

Ole Miss fans are my least favorite.

Like the OP, I go out of my way to be polite to opposing fans.


We attended an LSU-Alabama game in Baton Rouge one year and the behavior of the LSU ‘fans’ was so bad (throwing cups of beer, cursing at, etc.) that I felt compelled to apologize to the Tide fans this was happening to. And that behavior is not the exception

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I agree that Ole Miss is the worst. I was standing in line to get into the gate at Ole Miss one time ,when a beer bottle fell from the top railing and missed me by 6 inches. It might of killed me if it had hit me. The guys that dropped the bottle were upset , that it didn’t hit me. It sure scared me and made me mad. Just walking to the game at Ole Miss with my wife was always a problem. Ole Miss jerks always had crude remarks to me and my wife or wanting to fight me , when I was in my late 50’s.

I expect opposing fans to be openly supportive of their school and teams. I just don’t appreciate belligerent attitudes. My temper- especially when in my 20’s and 30’s- nearly landed me in a cell on several occasions. Short of physical provocation, I am mostly pass that. I detest, hate ola ms in all sports but I have several friends that are grads of that school and I understand their fandom allegiance.


I agree that every fan base has its share of obnoxious jerks–ours included. I haven’t been to many opponents’ stadiums, but of those I’ve been to, OM fans are the worst. They’re obnoxious when they’re here, too. At least it seems there’s a much higher ratio of jerks to friendlies at OM than at places like Bama & MSU.

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Growing up early years in Alabama I could only root for the Hogs from afar.
My step-dad was a born&bred die-hard bama fan all his life yet lack of financial gain
kept us away from trips to Tuscaloosa, even when ticket prices weren’t that expensive.
I remember from different socials and my own little league and jr.high years bama fans seem to always be intense, but friendly win or lose.
The downside to constantly winning CAN(if you so choose)make you selfish, arrogant prideful and downright disgusting.
Case in point I personally experienced that while living in Fla. during the Spurrier years and in Tenn. with Fulmer.
I wasn’t old enough to be a smart-azz arrogant Razorback FAN 1964 THRU 1970
BUT I sure would like to have the opportunity again! WPS & GHG!

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I can be mouthy on the board with Fellow Razorback fans - but in public and with other fans (I live out of state so almost all Razorback games I attend is when the Razorbacks are on the road)

Auburn and UK have been the wurst I’ve experienced in person - note these bad fans have always come from the cheap seats

I’ve never been to Baton Rogue, and have no desire to go there. That place sounds downright dangerous. I have been to a couple of games in Gainesville and don’t have a high opinion of their fans. Georgia and Bama are alright by me. Not a big big fan of the fans of the ssissippi schools.

I, too, would like to think that Arkansas fans would always be decent but, as others have said, there are jerks everywhere, most of the time drunks. Still, it embarrassed me when a cousin of mine who had just moved here from Louisiana was treated terribly when she wore her LSU jersey at War Memorial. I guess I’m old fashioned 'cause I think it bothered me more because she was a woman.

I haven’t been to any away games so can’t compare to the experiences of you all, but I did developed a hatred of Auburn because of the fans at the 1984 Liberty Bowl. Some people behind us made several remarks pretty much angry at Auburn for not stomping on such a podunk team. No respect at all–if it hadn’t been for Bo Jackson (and it wasn’t one of his best games) we would have won that game. Then, just outside the gates while we were filing out, some shirtless student was yelling his celebration, which was fine if he hadn’t kept saying “Arkansas sucks”. Yeah, sucked so bad they almost beat you and had way better offensive statistics. Have never liked Auburn since then.

Before or during a game, the alcohol fueled “enthusiasm” needs to be condoned by all.

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The worst fans for me? The crude, profane, drunk, loud, monotone, armchair QB who sits behind me and about four seats down. His entire party of four (often more as they squeeze more drunk, crude, loudmouths into the area) is an embarrassment to UA and civilization as a whole.

My poor children have had quite the education.

I have never encountered a fan more “stupid” about the game of football … and with a willingness to prove it, loudly, game after game. The next time he correctly assesses strategy will be the first.

Talks through the national anthem and alma mater. Or, partway through realizes people are singing around him and he stops himself with a loud “oh, f***” I’m sorry."

Broke the bottle in his boot one year and glass was everywhere, not to mention booze. Same game, he lost his balance and fell on top of a woman with two young children who sit next to us. I told her next time duck out of the way and let him hit the bench with his face and sober up a bit.

“Security” five feet away has never said a word to him.

I am not a prude - I rarely drink at the stadium but enjoy one away from the stadium. I curse, sometimes at games, accidentally (I curse a lot at home when my family is not watching with me, unfortunately…dammit Chad!).

My dream is that they upgrade their tickets and we don’t deal with them. Ever. Again.

We need our seats because my elderly mom needs a location without a lot of steps coming out of the portal.

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Meant to say drunk enthusiasm needs to be CONDEMNED by all, not condoned. I’ve found security effective in removing the individual if you can approximate location (section/row) and description of perp.


The maddest I’ve ever been at a football game was when a drunk about two rows above me at WMS fell down a couple of rows and nearly hit a child sitting near me. It was a Razorback fan, too.

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