The worries about RWIII may be well founded

No details are provided by the writer, but anytime there is a player, family, coach conflab after an injury situation like this, there has to be some serious questions about continuing to play football. … ll-future/

Yes it kind of looks like the writing is on the wall. Hate it for RW3 and hate it for us, but the young man’s health and future trumps everything else. I’m glad he got to have his spectacular sophomore season between scares. He’ll always have that and I suspect he will do very well in whatever field he chooses to pursue. A great Razorback for life.

That story is aggregated from what Tom Murphy wrote yesterday. … hes-docto/

I would hate to see RWIII leave the team but certainly understand if he decides to do so. His long-term health has to be the major concern for he and his family. I wish the young man great success whatever his decision and thank him for the contributions he has made to the program. Woo Pig, a Hawg forever!

I don’t think that I’d read too much into that at this point. I guess that I would hope that it’s standard procedure with all sports programs for the coach to meet with the player and family to discuss the pros and cons involved after any major health issue. It’s just a part of helping the player and family make the right decision for them based on the facts and possibilities/probabilities presented.

The guy is totally speculating off of what Tom wrote. He has no information other than what he read from Tom.

Is there room for concern? Absolutely, but the guy has no new info.

Richard, my statement had nothing to do with factual info in the piece regarding Rawleigh’s actual condition. Just that when an injured player is meeting with medical folks, his coach and his own family, there is probably reason for concern regarding his future as a football player.

You’re right. He did a good job of crediting Tom without going overboard. That’s usually not the case.