The Wind today

At game time, south wind will likely be 20 mph. Like BWS, the field today faces SE, so high hits to right field won’t go far. High ones to left field might get blown foul.

The hogs experiences this year at home with similar wind conditions should help. Need line drives and base hits. Swinging for the fences is sexy, but trying tonight might be ugly.

Same approach as last game

All we need


Exact same approach,swing at strikes in the zone,lay off everything else and try to hit it where its pitched,will be huge against Elliott who will work that outside corner on us looking for DP grounders.Got to lay off high FB,he will BB some if we can do that.

If you can send it right down the lines you can get one out. Only bomb I can think of somewhat to the middle of the field was Lanzilli on Saturday, but I missed some of yesterday’s games. Dead center? Fuhgeddaboudit.

I don’t think Nate Thompson will encourage the team to try hitting one out “straight down the lines” over 335’ with a 20 mph S wind.
Seems like they kept trying (unsuccessfully) to hit homers against the wind on smaller fields this year.

Just hit the ball where it’s pitched, balls on the inner half of the plate you can pull down the lines, anything else just try to hit line drive back up the middle, that approach will play in every kind of weather,in every kind of field. We did a great job of that the other day… hope we can tonight…

Wind was blowing in Saturday and we hit two out.

Totally agree, youdaman! A timely line-drive base hit is a beautiful thing to see.

Blowing in how fast and from what direction?

Game time Saturday, wind was from center field at 15. Today, 15-25 gusting to 30 from right field. I don’t believe lefties will be trying to pull one out…down the line.
Enough already.

Auburn just yanked one to the LCF gap high off the wall for a three-run double. Didn’t leave the yard but plenty deep and no way the Tree CF was gonna get there.

That ball was crushed and even more impressive considering he hit a change up that far.

The south wind doesn’t seem to be knocking the ball down too much in Omaha this year.

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