The Whittness

RD it sounds like business may be picking up for Arkansas’ interest in the Whittness, Jimmy “Buckets” Whitt. Maybe a possible old connection with one of the Whittnesses family members and EMuss?

However do you think Woolridge is a high priority since he came to visit first? Good stuff here boys.

Happy Memorial Day RD and the rest of the Wholehog crew!

Guess I just answered my own question. Welcome back Buckets!

I can imagine what you would have posted, if Anderson was the coach doing this. :smiley:

Lol we all know he wouldn’t have been. Saw the other day he is doing the same stuff at St. Johns as he was here, recruiting at a poor rate of lightly thought of HS players and unheard of Jucos. Poor guy still hasn’t figured it out yet, even after losing a job.

But enough about the past, so glad that’s over and that we got a major upgrade in charge of things now.