The whistle is kind so far

Texas A&M shot only two foul shots in first half. That’s how you beat the Aggies.

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It’s back

It is typical of the season. They have not been a good second half team.

Typical. It’s always too different halves. Officials go in at halftime and something different comes out after half.

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I think Hogs definitely fouled in second half. I have no beef with hardly a single call.

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This team always fouls more in the second half. It is a result of tired legs, playing defense with your hands.

You asked about freshmen playing these minutes. AB must have played three times the minutes he played last year in High school. I think even playing 35 plus minutes in two games in three days might be asking too much of him. Nick is just not in game shape to log that many minutes.


What should Muss have done in second half?

Taped game, will eventually watch, I guess, so my statement is not specifically about last night. It seems to me we do not maximize often good defense by panicking at the end of 25 seconds of strong defense with reckless fouls. With analytics being the craze in sports, I wonder what the field goal percentage is at the end of the shot clock?

My premise is, for the most part would not the result be better if we did take every shot fake or so aggressively try to block every shot, especially mid range and longer? The ones made would still be made, there would be less fouls, fewer times being faked out leaving driving lanes and the defender would be able to have better block out/rebounding position. Yes, we would give up some, if not most blocks, but the real question is whether the offense would shoot significantly better without a full blown block attempt.

Late shock clock often is when drive ir shot comes. That forces the action.