The way I see it

It’s a 3 inning game

If we lead after 3,(maybe even 2), Kevin comes in and we ride him home.
Got to get the early lead

Although we had the lead yesterday and the general trend has been to win after trailing early

I thought we had them after our 2 run lead. Even when it went 2-1, I thought we would get another 6-7 runs. That disastrous 4 run inning worried me, but I didn’t dream that pitcher would then sit about 15 batters in a row. I don’t think they have a pitcher who can do that again. Even if they bring some of their guys back, I doubt they’ll be as effective as they were yesterday.

If we can hold NCS to less than 5 runs, I think we will win. Id like to hold them to no more than 2 before the 5th and then bring in Kopps to go maybe 5 innings. But we need to score a lot early and keep scoring. I don’t want to get down 3 and try to come back again

The way I saw it, the Hogs got themselves out with poor approach. Swinging at high fast balls when the guy could not throw a curve is a bad approach. Gotta make him throw strikes.

I believe that is a result of a 21-run game. I believe they will be more disciplined today.

Of course, sometimes it comes down to the umpire. How will he call it?

The Hogs hit fast balls. But you can’t catch up to that spinning fast ball.

Clay, you can’t go into a game worrying about umpires.

The fact that we aren’t hitting isn’t because of umpires.

If Kopps is gonna go 5 he’s going to do it on the front end. Hope the pen is up to it after that.

I would be fine with him starting.

If you have played, you know the umps set the strike zone and it’s always an adjustment. Always.

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Clay is correct. Have coach for 52 years and had good hitting teams and poor hitting teams. Always found the pitcher always had the upper hand if he was willing to adjust to the umpires zones and the hitter was not willing to make that adjustment.

I played collegiately. We didn’t obsess over umpiring and officiating like you do.

I didn’t see any obsessing. Just pointing out that it plays in approach to hitting, which it does

Again, the fact that we aren’t hitting isn’t due to umpiring.

Similarly, the fact that Kopps has been totally dominant all season isn’t due to umpiring.

You go Southpaw. Love it.

I’ve seen teams succumb to a right strike zone for years. Generally. It’s a pitcher. Got Jess Todd in Baum against Oklahoma State.

You just never know.

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Man, you went way back for that one.

When you been doing it 45 years, 12-14 years is NOT way back.


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