The Walton Family is off to a good start in Denver

They were smart and hired a great coach in Sean Payton. Payton can help Russell Wilson regain his all pro form if anybody can. Denver has a very good, talented roster, but in a tough division.

It is hard being a Cowboy fan when you watch a great coach like Payton go to another team when he would have been a great hire for the Cowboys. Maybe he did not want that Cowboy job due to the way the Cowboys are managed, but to keep Mike McCarthy when Payton is available is painful.

Great hire for the Broncos! SP will help that team immediately with maximizing their offensive potential

Guys on the radio here in DFW reminded that Payton and McCarthy are identical coaches. Similar win records. Both won one Super Bowl with elite QBs. I don’t buy that McCarthy is all that much worse than Payton. Misguided. Jerry is and always been the problem with the Cowboys. Dak is also a gigantic problem.


Payton is in for a world of change…below sea level to a mile high. If I was a coach, I would choose my destinations by climate. Then again, Im not cut out to be a coach.

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I thought the same thing. Denver? Dallas? Yep, I’ll take Denver. For all of the criticism of Jerry, he’s got three rings. The debate will continue to rage, is it the quarterback or the coach? It’s probably both, but the debate won’t go away.

The Denver problem has been Oline for years. I remember one of Lou’s saying that is so true. It is hard for anyone to throw the ball from the prone position. They have not had a NFL (or even SEC level) Oline in years. Throwing money around at coaches and QBs will not change much until they get a real Oline. Look at the Eagles this year. That Oline gets it done and hence, look where they are.

Very true, maybe axiomatic for the most part in football. The headline grabbers depend on the big uglies.

A big part of Tom Brady’s struggle in Tampa this year is that one of his key OL guys retired in the offseason and his center missed a lot of the year with injuries.

Sean Payton knows what to do. He will get an o-line.

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