The walking call

It appears the offensive player has the advantage and given the benefit of the doubt! Ref’s are allowing players to nit only Euro step but take the ball to the hole like a running back.
LSU Days got a bounce pass from Mays and he took 3 steps before he bulldozed the defender! Of course you can take it a step father. The defender was in the restricted circle u set the basket.
There’s no reason to ever charge with what refs allow and the way the rules are enforced.

I totally agree. There are several times during a game that I yell “walk” and nothing is called. The refs allow offensive players to get away with it. The game has changed and offensive players are allowed much more leeway then when I played.

noticed that there appears to be a lot of "carrying"the ball…seen it called a few times in women’s games but not men’s games…was always taught that you kept your hand on top of the ball while dribbling…not on the side

Heck there are players that get by with getting their hand under the ball and still dribble! There have been players tonight pick their dribble outside of the free throw line spin and get by with 4 to 5 steps with no call. There’s also a one way whistle in the SEC! Alabama at Auburn it was horrible. The other 2 SEC games tonight weren’t worth watching.

I have seen the carry call in men’s game quite a bit this season. It is said to be a point of emphasis. When they call it in a game, seems like they try to call it once on each team. Players are pretty frustrated and surprised.

Players know when they carry the ball! They are just surprised it gets called!

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