The Walk of Shame…

Lots has been posted on here about Cal having his bench walk off the court with 4 seconds remaining. Let’s forever remember it for what it was.

The Walk of Shame


I don’t really see that move as a big deal. I think he was trying to protect his players and I don’t blame a coach for that.


I agree. Really no big deal but it was The Walk of Shame…

It was a two fold deal. Protecting the players and also Greaseball Cal
Getting out before the crowd got their chance to hound him!

But he didn’t walk out early

He just sent the bench early

Cal left after time expired. Exchanged waves with Muss

This was a big no-deal


It’s kind of like a kneel down in football. You know it’s over with time still on the clock.

No it’s kinda like during the kneel down the losing team walks to the locker room. But I’m not mad. It actually brought me joy. I also enjoyed how much the KY players were interested in what was going on in our arena during timeouts. I’m sure some wanted to change jerseys.

It looked like the French before the battle…

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