The Virtual Tour of facilities with CEM and Taliyah

If you haven’t watched the 14 minute tour, you should. It’s really cool. Richard put the link in the Daron Holmes thread. Since it’s buried there, I thought I’d put it at the top of a thread.

The first 7 minutes is CEM walking them through the Performance Center and BWA. The 2nd half is Taliyah walking them through most of the campus buildings. She does a great job.

At the risk of maybe being slightly politically incorrect, let’s just say, the recruits probably won’t remember many of the buildings on campus, but the instant they see Taliyah somewhere on campus, they will remember her.

That was very cool.

Taliyah is very good. At the last (only) In the Zone track luncheon I talked to her about some of the promos that she and Jon Williams do. She told me how much fun they are. You can tell that she really enjoys her job.

Those tours were awesome and that young lady is good! Well spoken and gorgeous.

Thanks for the proper spelling of her name. I really butchered it. I’ll correct it.

This Taliyah is the same one that did Heptathlon for the Women’s Track team, right? She was a hit during timeouts in the games at BWA,

Yes pjhawg, that’s her.

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