The very latest on Weathers … um=twitter

Scratch Weathers off the list. Arkansas will not bring him in for a visit.

Expect him to go to OSU.

You think it’s because they presumed he was going to OSU, so they cut ties to focus more on Hardy? Also I would think they would at least make contact with Crawford, especially if Macon leaves early.

I wouldn’t read too much into it. I can’t emphasize how fluid the situation is.

They’re obviously on several kids to try and cover themselves in case Daryl or Jaylen leave.

Does that mean Barrett comes back into play if they don’t get Hardy?

Unless I hear otherwise, I expect Barrett to visit the 17th. I hinted in an earlier post that Weathers might come at a later date instead of the 17th and now he’s not coming.

Think Barrett gets offered on his visit if Hardy doesn’t commit this weekend?

No way of knowing. There’s more to all of this than meets the eye.

Just a gut feeling, but you get the sense that either Barford, Macon, or both are leaving.

We apparently weren’t interested in the Lawsons, and also apparently aren’t interested in Crawford either.

If Hardy doesn’t commit, and both our guys leave early, then are we in a bit of a bind in terms of the talent level available to replace them?

Yes the Richard quotes are definitely bothersome. That would be typical of our luck–lose one or 2 good guards with no chance of being drafted, spoiling the thought of returning 6 seniors from a 26-win team.

In no way do I think they’re leaving. Just saying the possibility is there and Arkansas has to be prepared.

There are several names that aren’t public yet. Like I’ve said several times, they have a lot of irons in the fire.

I am alone in this, but I think unless they are able to get Crawford, they hold over the last scholarship to the next class. I don’t see any of the names going around making 2017-18 better other than Crawford or someone like him.

I think Hardy could contribute next year. He’s a 4-star on ESPN, and watch some highlights on him, he’s very athletic and can really attack the rim. I could see him competing to be in that 10-man rotation if we land him, and possibly be ready to start at PG the following year after that.

Until the last couple of months neither looked ready for the SEC yet alone the NBA. Does anyone really think they are ready to turn pro? I am not a scout, but I certainly don’t.

I don’t get the sense that Barford is leaving. In several of his quotes when accepting awards at the Basketball banquet he said the words " coming back" several times.

I don’t expect either one to leave but the possibility exists.

Whether or not players have any chance of being drafted or ever play in the NBA and even if it is obvious to most people that they cannot doesn’t seem to matter. Most players believe they can play in the NBA and don’t want to believe the facts. I recall Nolan Richardson telling about this middle school player asking Nolan what he needed to do to play in the NBA. And, not only was he not the star player, he didn’t even start.

Seems to me folks are criticizing the players the same way and for the same reasons as they did before the rule change a couple of years ago. New rules allow players to declare without signing with an agent, test the NBA waters and come backs if it is determined that they won’t be drafted. We should not be critical of the players who declare without signing with an agent. It us not the same thing.

You are right - you are the only one that expects the scholarship to be carried over

That would be 7 for 2018 - something they don’t want in one class

I disagree. Hardy will be a quality get. Reminds me of Barford but has better handles…