The verdict on Morris from Non-Arkansas Media

How do we not have the right personnel for Air Raid… Burks, Knox, Woods, Henry, and Boyd say hello. Not to mention the qb that Leach will find if not already on campus.

Some of those individuals are rumored to leave if Morris does. They aren’t quick, fast (yes they have quickness and speed, but not at Air Raid types). The only QB we have in the Air Raid would be Starkel, so we’d probably get a true freshman next year. Which would cause a few more guys leave. Also cause growing pains.

Lol Venables aint coming, ever. He turned down his alma mater Kansas State, not to mention both of his sons are playing for him at Clemson.

Didn’t say he was, said that’s a rumor of what they are considering.

You obviously do not know much about the Air Raid then.

LOL, if you believe so

The three leading receivers for WSU last year were 6’3 215, 6’4 228, and 6’0 195

And…your point? Never said anything about their size.

The Air Raid uses receivers that get quick separation from the DB’s or stretch the field. None of our guys have shown that this year. There was even a thread about it earlier this season.

And I’ll even give you a caveat, I think if they can get a good OC/WR coach combo that teaches them to run crisp routes, you’ll see them get separation fairly quickly

I think Leach could figure out how to use those guys.

Burks is physically almost a carbon copy of Michael Crabtree.

Oh, I don’t doubt Leach could figure out how to use them, but will they all be here under Leach? That’s the bigger question

And will they become Michael Crabtree over night? (And I think Burks, Knox, Henry, and Boyd are all very good players, but it’s a different system that will have to be learned and recruited for, it’s not hey new coach, new system, everything will be improved, have to adapt to the style)

Crabtree is probably the most successful Air Raid receiver under Leach, 2 time All American and Biletnikoff Award winner. So lets use him as a benchmark for quickness and speed. He ran a 4.54 at the combine.

According to articles from this very website Burks personal best is a 4.5, Knox runs in the low 4.5’s, and Woods is listed as 4.43 guy. I would say that is plenty fast.

I have never watched a Simpson episode, only brief pauses in channel switching (kind of like my new AR football watch pattern), but the General and Mayor Joe Quimby share some similar self opinions and statrements for consumption., Colleagues, co-workers and a few others who walk the halls of VUMC and like me but know that I am an AR fan just shake their had and give me that look of condolence every first day of the week following another glorious charge led by Chad Morris. Truly sad when even OM and Vandy fans sympathize for me.

Favorite similar response quotes from Mayor Joe Quimby

Mayor Quimby:
Oh, dear God. Can’t this town go one day without a riot?

Mayor Quimby:
Are these morons getting dumber or just louder?

Quimby’s Aide:
Dumber, sir.

Dig him up. Dig up that corpse. If you really love Jebediah Springfield, you’ll haul his bones out of the ground to prove my daughter wrong. Dig up his grave. Pull out his tongue.

Mayor Quimby:
Can’t we have one meeting that doesn’t end with us digging up a corpse?

I apologize to all who enjoy the tangential partisan threads relating to a new coach, as usual the extrmes are over the top but sadly there is no good answer as we continue to explore new lows that seem destined to be self perpetuating. The General did notfiy/assure me that he does not think himself superior although I never suggested nor entertained that thought. Strange days on the board.

I agree with this 100%. I never thought a coach could look more lost than JLS. As good as he is at recruiting, he is equally as bad at everything else, and thus his recruiting will fall apart, and thus there is no need for him!

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Are you really comparing our program to Florida State’s program? Florida State has much more recognition and stature nationally as a football program than Arkansas, especially over the last twenty years. They also have a built-in recruiting base that can attract a big-name coach who can see the potential for a quick rebuild. We don’t have a top built-in recruiting base nor the potential for a quick rebuild especially playing in the SEC West.

The Florida State job is still attractive to many coaches, Arkansas, perhaps not as much.

I don’t think the issue is about perception. I think it’s much more complicated than that. Neither do I think the FSU comparison is valid. Taggert inherited a good program & made it worse. Morris inherited a horrible program & hasn’t improved it. The question in the minds of prospective coaches will have to be whether he was given a fair shot or was the hole so deep when he got here he had to have 3 years.

Then there’s also the simple financial calculations. Will it cost more to buy him & his assistants’ contracts or will keeping him cost us more in fan & donor support?

Right now I lean toward the idea that we’re probably better off starting over, but I don’t pretend it’s an easy call. There are risks in keeping him & risks in trying to find the right replacement–who I am quite certain won’t get us very many wins next year or the next. I just wish we’d seen some kind of improvement this year. We haven’t. That’s true whether we beat WKU or not. If we win 2 of the next 3, I’ll change my mind, but we’re not going to win 2 of the next 3. Might not win any.

Whatever man, being optimistic is different than a prediction. You like Norvell and that’s fine, but you’re still ignoring a lot of issues and concerns because you like him.

As of right now on the field no. Can he salvage his job in the next 3 games, I believe yes depending on how it plays out. Do I think we have the resources and options that you claim to think we do? I know we don’t. Do I think there are circumstances that will keep him for year 3 with a 3-9 record? Yes.

I know nothing about that AL writer, but I assume he’s a neutral & somewhat knowledgeable observer. He makes some good points.