The Vandy game

It’s senior night at the weirdest arena in college basketball, but I looked up their roster. They have exactly one more senior than we do, Joe Toye (who always seems to play very well against us, so that won’t be a surprise if he does again).

Like us, they’ve played a lot of teams close but they’ve also laid some eggs (Kentucky and Florida crushed them in Nashville). They gave us all we wanted in Bud. We should win this game, but will we?

Vandy has always been a dicey place to play. They always seem to play very well at that gym. Remember when that guy or woman ran onto the floor?..that was a bizarre deal. Bryce Drew is a good coach, but he has very little talent this year. I expect us to win. We don’t want to be the only team that loses to the Commodores.

Man, I felt great yesterday after beating Kermit Davis( Mr. Weatherbee of Archie Comics fame) and Ole Miss. Then I looked at the SEC standings. We are tied for 10th with A+M at 6-10. That was sobering and took some of my elation away. We are probably going to finish 10th or worse out of 14 teams. That is not what we expect or will accept.

We are playing pretty well right now. Maybe, we can win these last 2 to make it respectable.

Not necessarily, let it play out

We sure need to win Wed. If we could play like we did yesterday we can win the game. We don’t need to be jacking up a lot of 3balls. Jalen needs to play a good game and have low turnovers and a lot of assists.

The hogs need to win both games this week but they could also get beat in both games.
Tied for 10th after giving a few games away. They could finish 9 if we win both games and Alabama gets beat by Auburn and the Hogs. Texas A&M plays a wounded and short handed S. Carolina and Miss ST this week. If they drop 1 we finish 9th. But 9-11 makes some difference for the SEC Tournamnet. I just want the hogs to make the NIT at this point and get a few more games.

If we finish 11th we have to play Wednesday in Nashville, which in a perverse way could help our postseason chances (an extra neutral site win). I’m not sure how we have the tiebreaker over A&M except for the LSU win which probably just answered my question.

We split with aTm. Yes, correct. Tie breaker #1 H2H (1-1). Tie breaker #2 H2H vs #1 seed then working way down (AR 1-1 vs LSU, aTm 0-2) until tie break. If no tie break tie breaker #3 Coin Flip

More than 1 team. Tie break #1 best average between tied team (could come into play if Bama loses out and aTm wins out, aTm would be 9 seed on tie breaks (2-0 vs Bama, we’d be 1-0). Tie break #2 best win % against #1 seed through 14 seed.Tie break #3 if two teams reamain tied coin flip by Commissioner. If three teams or more remain, drawing by Commissioner.

As of now, these are the correct standings, tiebreaker in ():

  1. LSU (1-0)
  2. TN (0-1)
  3. KY
  4. USCe (4-1)
  5. Miss St (4-3)
  6. Ole Miss (3-3)
  7. AUB (2-4)
  8. FL (1-3)
  9. Bama
  10. AR
  11. aTm
  12. Missery
  13. GA
  14. Vandy

Biggest problem with this game is that it is the last realistic chance for Vandy to not go winless in the SEC. The odds are that Vandy wil not go winless.

Yes, that worries me

Vandy is 9-20 (0-16). The ending won’t be in doubt with 8 to play.

I hope the hogs finally build a lead by halftime and put Vandy away in the first 10 minutes of the second half. I don’t want it to be close down the stretch. Put it away early please.

Game will be a pickem but I like your confidence level

There’s a good sign coming out of the Ole Miss game. It appeared when Jones come off the bench against Ole Miss he played with a chip on his should. Then in the post game he was in a good mood and positive.
Maybe he is starting to buy into coming off the bench. I sure like how Desi is playing.
Maybe the hogs watch the tape of the Ole Miss game and see how loose they were on several rebound chances that lead to second chances for Ole Miss to score and get stronger with the ball agaisnt Vandy.
I don’t care if a game is on the moon every opening tip you need to be ready to play and give the effort. I expect the hogs to win. I also expected the hogs to beat S. Carolina, Missouri, Texas A&M and Miss ST so anything is possible.
Come on Joe and go 4 /6 from 3 early and get hot! Feed the big man down low and see if Gafford can slam the Commodores into submission.

I agree with all. But we are playing a wounded animal, at their place, on SR night. They’ve not won an SEC game yet. Nobody wants to go o-fer. All those thinking this is a game we should absolutely win don’t really believe that. Vandy has everything to play for. Hoping we rip their juglar out.

Yea this vandy game is a dangerous game, they are the best winless team i’ve ever seen, most games they are in there until the very end. They don’t want to not win a single game game, and this is their last home game, against a team that’s lost 6 of it’s last 7, I’m sure they are thinking this is a very winnable game for them. They are going to come out with a lot of energy, we need to take it to them early and make them lose confidence.

I’m hoping we come out in straight man like the UK game. Press some before halftime. They are not deep. The thing that hurts us the most is even if we get into their legs the refs will have at least 3 10 minute reviews. It’s killing the game.

this team is so strange its impossible to tell how they will play,we can go toe to toe to with KY and TT and then be down 22-1 agianst Aub…I think we should bear Vandy but just when I think something positive they show and look like a HS team. just have to wait and see.

It’s crazy the way the hogs stayed in the game against TT and Kentucky. They actually should have beat Kentucky and if they would have made just a few more free throws they would have beaten TT.
I just can’t see how how they lost to Florida at home, LSU at home, Miss St at home, S Carolina on the road, Auburn on the road and Texas A&M at home. They just let go of the rope and failed to play any defense and looked pitiful at closing time.
I want them to win these last 2 conference games and win one in the SEC tournament. It would just feel better doing into the offseason with a record above 500.

If they beat Vandy and Bama they’ll be guaranteed an above 500 record (17-14).

It’s killing our game but playing right in to the hands of some other teams that prefer the slower pace. It’s definitely killing the game for fans as it drags out the games, but we may the cause of this as many fans of many programs want every call to be made correctly or they will be calling out the officiating office and crews at the first missed call instead of trying to use that energy in critical calls that cost you the game in the last 30 seconds. WPS