The value of search firms

The mess at Kansas illustrates why athletic directors cover their butt by hiring a search firm. The search firm is responsible, among other things, for finding out if a candidate has skeletons in his closet. A good search firm might not have been able to pry the stuff at LSU open, since they had buried it in layers of attorney-client privilege. But they could have told Jeff Long “there was some kind of major issue for Les Miles at LSU and you need to find out what it is.”

Long didn’t do that and now he’s unemployed. But KU is paying him about $1.4 million to go away too. He thought he had the right guy and didn’t want to spend any money on a search when he knew who he wanted, But now they’re both gone.

I wanted to post something similar to this, but I couldn’t quite form the language to my liking. I’m glad I just waited. Nice job.

This is a very good point.

Very True and I think I mentioned it in another thread. Long bypassing a search firm at KU.
Did he use them at AR? That could have uncovered some of Bretts extracurricular habits.

Which brings up another question
What if KU had miraculous turn around under Miles
Say 7-3, 8-2, 9-1 neighborhood records this year???

I don’t think a winning record can cover up for a coach who gropes coeds any more. Not even Bobby Petrino.

Once again, Bielema’s record was bad enough (and trending in the wrong direction) to get him fired without having to resort to character assassination. if he was out in public in Fayetteville while drunk, somebody would have been putting up video or photos on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. Yet no one did. We have plenty of people calling him Tito and saying they are absolutely certain he was sloshed, but they scurry under their rock when asked for proof (you know who you are).

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Wisc fans said same thing about CBB’s drinking when he was hired here. But again disgruntled maybe and didn’t see solid proof. Possible that some here jumped on that bandwagon.

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