The Unsanctioned 8 man playoffs R upon us

Are you ready for some unsanctioned football? Four teams and 32 players plus a few subs, battling it out to be kings of the unsanctioned world. Sounds like the fight club of Arkansas High School football. Mountain View and Fountain Lake have run the gauntlet to Championship Friday next week. Meanwhile in the sanctioned world, the Fightin 4 Boys remain undefeated, and mighty PA taken down by an Arkansas public school.

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I drove to fish Little Red. Yesterday. Stopped at Mountain View Harps on way home. Hardly anyone there at 6:30. No workers. No customers. Lady in deli said everyone had gone to football game.


Surprised she would reveal that kind of information to an out of towner with possible ties to the AAA, Clay. This is an unsanctioned event we’re talking about.

I’m local. Baxter and Stone County folks are all related. I had on camo.


Am I missing something?


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it may be unsanctioned but they do fireworks every home game…live about a mile south of the high school right off hwy 5 and can hear the explosions from the house,when the leaves are gone…can see them from the porch

The 8-man playoff bracket can be found at the AAA website. Doesn’t sound unsanctioned to me.

Don’t shoot me. Shoot Hooten’s. My info comes from their website. They showed the scores from the 8 man schools AND the scores from the Unsanctioned 8 man pllayoffs.

It took me some time away, and then a re-read. Then another re-read.

There is unsanctioned 8-man football in Arkansas.

Now I get it.

You’ve not seen football until you’ve seen 8-man games. Need to see it at a field/stadium where folks don’t sit in bleachers, but around the field in their trucks and cars. Touchdowns and good plays create a cacophony of honks and light flashes.

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My old high school has been playing it for a few years now. They won a Mid South Association of Independent Schools small classification championship last year. They were probably the champions of about 10 teams. But the important thing, is that it was a sanctioned championship. None of this outlaw, off the grid stuff!

No different than the kind of stuff played in Mountain View by the Cleverly’s. I dare anyone to figure that one out. What is comedy bluegrass anyway?

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Been to the caverns many times, but I’ve never taken in any of the shows. That’s an interesting little town. If I lived there, I would support the local H.S. team. 8 or 11 man. Sanctioned or not.

Entered a rodeo in Mountain View back in the 70’s. It was the weekend of the Folk Festival with flower children everywhere. While driving the truck and horse trailer to the rodeo arena heavy rain hit. The young ladies were wearing halter tops and tee shirts with nothing under them. My wife kept telling me to keep my eyes on the road and off the gals. I tried my best.


I watched the 6-man football championship games in Texas last year. That was a trip.

Times are hard. Gas and groceries are going up. Football is shrinking. I’m guessing that every player is an eligible receiver in the 6 man game?

6-man? I’ve often heard about 8-man, but not this.

Here is an example. Some wild stuff here.

:rofl: :rofl:

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