The Ump was right the SEC is wrong?

Ok, let’s talk about the infield fly rule. My view (er MLB rule) is the ump got it right. The batter is out and the runners can advance at their own risk, with no need to tag up when the fielder “misplayed” the ball. In our case, the 3rd baseman had to tag out Biggers, he didn’t…so Biggers is safe at third); same for the other runner.

The infield fly is not to be called on a bunt. It was a bunt. From MLB rules
[quote]An INFIELD FLY is a fair fly ball (not including a line drive nor an attempted bunt) which can be caught by an infielder with ordinary effort, when first and second, orfirst, second and third bases are occupied, before two are out.

They were wrong to call the infield fly.

Infield fly was not called. Intentional drop was called. The umpire made the right call, but applied the rule wrong when he allowed the runners to advance.

You cannot intentionally drop a ball to deceive runners. It is seldom called. That’s first time I’ve hestd of it called in a college game. I knew you could not call infield fly on a bunt attempt. That’s what baffled me as I was listening on drive from Little Rock. Nothing Phil Elson said made any sense.

Everyone was confused. There are some subtle rule differences between different levels of each sport, so the initial thought was that maybe infield fly could be ruled on a bunt in college. But when we checked the rulebook, that wasn’t the case.

Brett Dolan came in the press box after the second inning and asked if there was any explanation. The scorekeeper had none.

Eventually it became apparent that the umpire probably had messed up, either by calling infield fly when he shouldn’t have or by some other method. I asked to be able to speak with him after the game and was basically told that someone else would try to get some information from him. The UA folks put in a request to the SEC coordinator of umpires and he replied about an hour after the game ended. This was his full response, slightly edited for clarity:

“At Arkansas, infield fly was not called, intentionally dropped ball was called. However they misapplied the rule…runners should have returned. They let them advance.”

Whole crew had a bad night. The guy at 1b (over-ruled) that called Fletcher out missed it by a mile…easy safe call but called him out. On replay ball was a foot or more from glove when runner’s foot was on the base.

Don Denkinger in reverse…

Same thing happened against Auburn last night…guy was obviously safe…easy call…called out…quickly overturned…ball was 3 feet from glove when foot was on the base

yes you can never call IF on a bunt don’t know where that could even be thought of and since you can’t intentionally drop a ball I think they got it’s to stop infielders from trying to trick the runners.