The two likely choices Grand Canyon starter

Grand Canyon has a choice to make their Ace is
Daniel Aveta 82 IP 66 hits 107 K only 17 BB!!! Sub 4 ERA
The other choice is a guy who actually pitched against us 2020 and K 3/4 batters he faced.

Nick Hull 90 IP 88 hits 92 K 24 BB.Sub 4 ERA

I am thinking they go with Hull bc they will want to save the bigger arm of the two for Oklahoma State. Either way we got our hands full.

Those are the two who the GCU coach told us today he was considering.

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Yeah they have by far the most innings pitched and best numbers

You don’t generally see a 3 seed trying to save the #1 pitcher.

A 1 seed can usually get away with it because they are facing a 4.

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I don’t think there is a major difference between a two and three. I do recall some 2/3 matchups where No. starter is held for Saturday. But not often for the 3. But if they are similar, hard to know the difference. The key is what rest is needed. If you get to Super you prob do want 1 to go first. Changing the rest is problematic.

Which one is the lefty?

Hull and Avitia are both rightys. Connor Markl looks like the only lefty who has started much and his ERA is 5.43. Their closer is a lefty though.

The closer, Vince Reilly, is right handed.

I think Hull and Avitia are 1A and 1B pitchers for Grand Canyon. Avitia is a freshman who probably has a higher ceiling, but both have had solid seasons. I don’t think Grand Canyon would be hesitant to start either in Game 1 and I don’t think it would be a matter of trying to save one for Saturday. It’s going to be about which pitcher that coaching staff believes matches up best with Arkansas.

You’re right, my bad

I have seen Game video of Hull from behind home plate with speed gun measuring velocity… he’s about 91 92 FB 87 88 with a quick breaking slider.looks like he’s throwing a change up at about 84.The Sliders going to be tough because it gently just breaks away from you as it gets to home plate and will break into LH.

I have seen video of Avitia and he has a 3/4 quick release delivery sharp breaking pitches,tries to pitch inside and then throw that quick darting CB away,He’s tricky bc of his quick release will make the ball get on you quicker than you think and probably why he has so many K.

The thing about both these guys is they’re going to throw strikes they only have 41 BB combined! So they are going to be around the plate, you might as well go up there ready to hit the ball,take your cuts hopefully we run into a few, we’re going to have to score to beat these guys because they very rarely score less than 6 runs.

They have put up big numbers but here’s what we don’t know… They have beaten some very good teams but they’ve all been in the midweek, which means those teams have not thrown their weekend starters and the conference they play in we know does not have the pitching that the SEC does. So I guess we will find out Friday what kind of hitting team they really have. I do know they go the other way very well.

I wish I had more confidence going into this weekend. Fortunately, my confidence level has nothing to do with how the team plays. If it did, we’d have swept Ole Miss & Vandy. We’d have also won the super last year at Baum.

I don’t have the warm fuzzies this is probably the most dangerous team we’ve played in a regional in the first round in a long time maybe ever. We will have to play very well to Win it… but I know we are capable of playing much better hopefully we will see that starting Friday at noon

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Looked back at times we lost the first game of the regional (hasn’t happened much, but it has happened).

In reverse order:
2013 at K-State, Bryant was the 3 seed and beat us 4-1. We came back through the loser’s bracket and lost to K-State in the final.

2011, we lost to 3 seed Charlotte in the first round at Tempe. Again got to the final but got steamrolled in the final by the Sun Devils (AKA Sparky).

2008 at Stanford, we were the 3 seed, lost to 2 seed Pepperdine, then lost to Stanford in the loser’s bracket game. Stanford came all the way back to win the regional out of the LB.

2006, we were the 2 seed in our own ballpark, lost to ORU in the first game, beat Princeton to avoid elimination, then lost to Okie Lite. ORU wound up winning the regional. So there we had a 3 seed that was dangerous enough to win it – and did.

2003 in Austin, we lost to 3 seed Lamar twice and never got to play Texass.

In 1998, there were still 6-team regionals and no supers. We were the 4 in Wichita, lost to AZ State in the first game, beat Wichita and then lost to Georgia Tech. Sparky wound up winning the regional.

Then in the 90s we went three straight regionals without winning a game, with first round losses to Okie Lite and Stanford – and Fordham.

In 1989 we lost the first game to the mighty Le Moyne Dolphins (who aren’t even D-I any more) fought our way through the loser’s bracket, beat Le Moyne in the championship game and went to Omaha. But they didn’t have tournament seeds then. We had to beat Sparky again to get into the final with Le Moyne. (We do have a tournament history with AZ State; I haven’t even mentioned Perry Costello).

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They might as well be choosing between a vintage Gibson or a vintage Koufax. Either one will be darn near unhittable for our slumping sluggers.

I’ve been told that we have filled our lineup with blind squirrels and convinced them to throw acorns so we’re good to go eagle

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LOL! Well let’s hope they find a few acorns instead of goose eggs.

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