The Twins

I believe it’s either Bates or Council

I agree with this


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IMO, the absolute worst decision Muss could make would be to ask one of the Arkansas high school 4* recruits to give up a scholarship (even if just for a semester) that he was offered a year or 2 ago. The way Arkansas is putting out 4 and 5 star players it could damage the basketball program’s relationship with the high school coaches.

He has far better options than that to correct this, if indeed there is even a current problem. Heck, we may not even have a scholarship problem and just don’t yet know it.


Just have to trust Muss on this. All of this hand wringing by us mere mortals is a total waste. I bet he knows how to count to 13 and knows far more than any of us as to what is best for the program.

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But do we :shushing_face:

Apparently not

chronic hand wringing and stressing out over the most minute, trivial things is my only real skill in life


If Jalen comes back maybe he will get a Big NIL deal and go off scholarship. I have heard a rumor they were working to get him a good NIL, don’t know if true or not

6.5 plus 6.5 is 13, ask DVH :grin:

I have to weigh in on a couple of things that keeps being repeated:

  1. No top hoops recruit would accept being told to grayshirt! You all play video game GMs and head coaches and think it applies to the real world! “Hey kid! I know you could have gone to any top 20 program you wanted to but I need you to walk-on here so I can give a competitor for your minutes a scholarship.”
    Secondly, I’m as big a fan as most of Williams but when did he suddenly become a program changer? When did his game translate to the NBA? Yes, he’s a good college player. But, he isn’t a rim protector, isn’t skilled, has a suspect outside shot and possesses no inside moves or counter moves. We will be fine without him. And if he gets drafted, God bless him.

You just dismissed all the intangibles JWill brings to the table with this team. I agree he’s not ready for the NBA, and hopefully he realizes it sooner than later, but he most definitely will be missed if he leaves. And I totally disagree…he IS a program changer.

I think JWill is a great SEC player. I think he could be even better next year. Why would he not improve. No, he is a rare piece. Just his passing is one thing you don’t want to lose. Ability is only part of it. Chemistry is good.

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For his size, JWill is an excellent passer, ballhandler, rebounder, and frankly the best charge-drawer I’ve ever seen. He’s literally 6-10 and 250 lbs with PG skills that can also rebound at a high volume and effectively defend the rim. His offensive game will most certainly improve under Muss next season, if he chooses to return.

Jaylin is one of the cornerstone pieces of our basketball resurgence, along with JD Notae, Moses Moody, and Devo Davis. Arkansas is just better with him on the court.

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Without a doubt, and if he leads us to a natty next year, #10 can hang in rafters with “Williams” on the back of it. I don’t know how he could possibly pass that up to be drafted in the 2nd round this year.

I don’t care about the twins, Council, or Bates. Please give us one more year, Jaylin!

What would be on the Board this time of year without that? It is what we fans do. Makes no sense at all, but who cares?


JWill will be the MVP of the team no matter how many points he does or does not score. He may not be a PG (sort of is), but he is still “the head of the snake.”

He is not ready for the NBA (as if I know). He plays defense and they will have to get that out of his system. Not allowed in the NBA. If he takes a charge from a star, it will never, ever be called. He will have to learn how to take 5 or 6 steps with the ball without a dribble. He shares the ball with teammates. that is never allowed in the NBA. There is so much to his game that they just will not allow to happen.


To make room

If walk ons can accept NIL money, maybe some become walk ons and NIL pays equivalent of scholarship in cash

With the possibilities, it’s easy to get very confused. No matter what happens we will be fine. Muss is too good a coach and the talent coming in is top notch. Muss and his staff will find a way to make it work.