The Twins

If this has already been mentioned somewhere on the board, then I apologize.

I keep hearing that, if JWill comes back, the twins might not be coming. Is there something different about their situation, as opposed to Brazile and Graham? How is it a possibility that they might not be coming?

Because if JWill comes back, and we add Council or another transfer on top of that, that’s 15 players on scholarship – two over the limit, which has to be corrected. The fastest way to fix that is to remove the package deal of the two Mitchells. Especially given our oversupply of bigs in that situation; there aren’t enough minutes for 5 guys 6-9 or over.

Plus, what about Bates? We’re still finalists for him too.

At some point we have to shut it down. Even if JWill leaves, we can’t keep taking transfers indefinitely. I could see first-come-first-serve between Bates and Council, for instance.

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Oh, I get all that. But how are we able to “drop” them? Are they unsigned or something, as opposed to Brazile and Graham?

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They have signed a financial aid agreement, which binds us to them but does not bind them to us. Thus they could just decide not to show up, if for example, they determine (or are told) that their playing time will not be what they expected. If they do show up, the FAA obliges us to give them financial aid.

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Gotcha. Thanks!

I expect them to be on campus.


See Richard thinks like some of the rest of us. There is something wrong in Bedrock here…

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Reading between the lines, you 're saying that JWill is staying in the draft. Either this, or a couple of incoming freshman won’t be on campus this fall. Nothing else makes sense.

Bates isn’t coming here. We have others ahead of him on our wish list for the wing position. Don’t get caught up by what a player was rated out of high school. He would be down the list for a lot of teams desiring a wing.

Didn’t say I wanted him. I don’t care if we add anybody else, because we don’t need to. My only hope is J Will comes back.

Reading too much into the post. I don’t think Jaylin has made a decision.

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OK, then, RD. If Jaylin hasn’t decided, but you think the twins are coming, how do you think Muss deals with the roster overload, especially if Council comes on board. Or is that still fluid? :rofl:

Ah ok. As long as he remains unsigned (not w/an agent), I hold out hope that he returns to Arkansas next season.

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The staff must be thinking one, or more, of the incoming freshman won’t be on the roster in the fall, and that’s why they’re still recruiting for next season. That’s gonna really stink, cuz I like all the frosh that committed to us. Not feeling too good about all of this right now, tbh.

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I’m still thinking a grayshirt could be an option. Ask one of them to delay enrollment by a semester and play his freshman season in 2023-24.

sounds plausible

If all that happens, I say trust Muss.


Why haven’t we considered the possibility that Muss has discovered a new form of math, unbeknownst to all the rest of us, that will make this work? :laughing:

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