The Twins aren’t starting

Maybe there was some truth to the rumors.

What rumors?

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There were rumors that they were off the team.

I never heard the reason.

Muss said on pregame he wanted to be more physical. And Kamani is already bringing that.

Makhi is coming in now, so much for that :poop: rumor

Why do people get their jollies making up BS? Seriously. Just to see how many people are gullible enough to believe it?


The last several games they have picked up fouls early and it cost us dearly. I think it was smart to start Kamani. He got the early 2 fouls but it spared the twins. By that time they get a better feel for how the game is called and keep their two inside men foul free early.

Plus for all I know maybe Muss was letting Kamani start because this was possibly his last SEC tourney game being as his eligibility is all used up.

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I believe it was at least a wake up call for Mahki and Mahkel, who neither one had made any meaningful contribution in the last 2 games. If so, it really worked for Mahki, who had one of his best games as a Razorback. 12 points on 5-7 FGs, 6 boards, 2 assists, a steal, and only 1 TO while playing very hard. Not so much though for Mahkel, who now has gone scoreless for the 3rd straight game.


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