The twin towers playing zone on defense................

…when Moses and Trey are both in the game seems to reduce the silly foul potential for Moses while letting him swat away with Trey there to clean up the boards when Moses is out of position trying to block everything. We seem to do well every time and, knock on wood, playing both has not led to foul problems. Whereas, playing man with Moses early in the game seems to regularly lead to silly fouls by Kingsley as he tries to steal the ball from little guards or lets them bang into him on the way to their shot to generate fouls. Mike needs to play man when Trey is the center and play zone when Moses is in the game.

Your logic lines up with what I see with my untrained eyes.
I wonder what DD or Davenport would have to say?

The pieces sure seem to be playing together at the right time.
This team has a lot of offensive firepower from multiple players.

Finally, we are getting better at the 3/4.

I like playing Moses with Thompson. They seem to play much better when they are on the floor together. Two weeks ago I wouldn’t have given this team any chance to make the tournament. Today its different. Sure would like to have been a fly on the wall when Coach Anderson made his speech. This team reminds me of some of Nolan’s better teams. I love it…

My observation is that Moses wasn’t picking up silly fouls 30 feet from the basket. He’s picking them up because he has to guard someone in the post one on one and he doesn’t get any help because that would leave a 3-point shooter open. Or he gets help, the post doesn’t get a shot but they get the open look at the 3. Either way, the zone helps avoid that.

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Swine you must have some experience playing as well as coaching! You have a lot of knowledge.