The True Storey

You know he wanted to go somewhere where he could play us

I don’t think that’s accurate. I think he wanted to play FBS and one of the option that fit best for him just happened to have Arkansas on the schedule. He looked at schools all over. Plus, there is no guarantee he is going to play this year. He’ll have to beat out two quarterbacks who each played in nine games a year ago.

If he does want to play against Arkansas, I wouldn’t blame him. But I doubt that was his primary motivation. That’s not the Ty Storey I know. He just wants to get on the field. I’m sure he knew that it was highly likely that Ben Hicks would replace him at Arkansas, maybe almost a certainty.

That’s not in Ty’s make up.

Looking at the 3 QB’s passing rating, looks like an interesting 3 way battle brewing.

Shanley was 128.39, Steve Duncan at 114.25 and Ty in the middle, 116.94
Storey had more game action and tougher competition obviously.

141\t 96\t 68.1\t 942\t 6.7\t 3\t 2\t 128.39 — Davis Shanely

187 108\t 57.8\t1071\t 5.7\t 9\t 7\t 114.25 — Steven Duncan

As previously mentioned, Shanely & Duncan each played in 9 games.

250\t143\t57.2\t 1584\t 6.3\t 11 10\t 116.94 — Ty Storey

I wish Ty the best, but hope we smoke him and the Hilltoppers in the fall.