The Triplets and ISO Joe win

They’re 3-0 now. Only one other undefeated left. As usual, Joe hit the winning shot. 51-44 against previously undefeated Trilogy.

Next Saturday the Big3 moves to American Airlines Center in Dallas. Then it goes to Milwaukee, Chicago and then back to Vegas. The playoffs are in the Bahamas in late August-early September.

And 26 pts, 12 rebounds and 5 assists are not bad either,

I am surprised the Joe Johnson didn’t put together a team to try and win a Gold medal in 3-3 in the Olympics. Maybe he did and didn’t qualify as I heard nothing on the qualifying tournaments, but I believe he could have put together quite the team.

USA Basketball already had put together a 3x3 team which won the 2019 world championship. Unfortunately it lost in the semifinal round of an Olympic qualifying tournament. If they had won that one game they would have been in Tokyo. Only 8 teams qualified for the Olympics.

This is why ISO Joe cannot be on 3x3 team and for that matter a lot of players we would want to. His represented USA in World Championships, The whole idea of 3x3 basketball in Olympics is to give non-stars a chance. See eligibility rules below.


4-player roster of Olympic 3x3 teams:

  • 2 players ranked within the top 10 of their country
  • 2 players ranked within the top 50 of their country, or have the minimum number of ranking points

Athletes must comply with the specific nationality criteria for 3x3:

  • They must hold legal nationality of the represented country
  • They must have presented a passport of the represented country issued by competent authorities before January 1, 2019
  • They cannot have played for the national team in basketball and/or 3x3 for another country in an Official Competition of FIBA
  • They must be at least 18 years old on July 23, 2021.

BTW, there is a regular 3x3 circuit of tournaments around the world, with World Cup events and World Championship. It us not something put together just before Olympics, in other words, it is a Sport by itself,

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