The trend that needs to end

Logo on one side of helmet, number on the other. Hate that look. Drives me crazy. I know, I know. Short drive indeed.

Where did you say that it?

Auburn had it yesterday, but all the numbers were “7”. I assume the number was to honor someone, but I never heard who or why.

Oh ok.

That was for Pat Sullivan, Auburn’s first Heisman Trophy winner in 1971, who wore #7. Sullivan died December 1 at age 69.

I was not aware of his death. That surprises me. I’m sure it was pretty widely reported. Either way, I hate to hear it. I remember him playing.

I was not referring to Auburn and did not know that Pat Sullivan had died. I was travelling yesterday and did not see the Aubrun-Minn. game. Cincinnati was wearing the offending bonnets earlier today. RIP Pat Sullivan, who I think also briefly coached at LSU.

Pat Sullivan memorial