The trash talk tonight could get interesting

Smart and Mays talk a lot. If they get to yapping to Jones it could go either way. Most of the time Jones responds to the talk in a positive way. Every now and then it seems to get him out of his game.

Lets hope it fires him up tonight. I’m sure Muss has a game plan to slow them down. I’m just not sure you can slow both down. It may be slow down Mays and let Smart get what he can. I think it takes both of those guys having good games to beat us.

At the same time Jones and Joe have to have great games for us to win.

Should be fun and nerve wrecking at the same time.

That’d certainly make for a really fun game. I’ll say this: in North Little Rock, the trash talk between a Valpo player and Mason Jones + Jamario Bell (both guys were on the bench) got intense in the first half. Mason responded well late. He kept telling the Valpo guard, “It’s all good,” then buried them at the end.

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Expect a few T’s in this one! Smart and Mays played the mugger role last season in that comeback win where the ref’s swallowed their whistle. The free throw difference was huge as well! I can’t stand Will Wade or LSU. I hope the hogs win and maintain their composure.
The Hogs can win these next 2 road games and separate themselves into the top portion of the conference standings.

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Hogs stop Mays, they win this game. Smart is good, but Mays is the key to the LSU tempo. I am also concerned about the fouls. We aren’t deep enough to sustain multiple players getting into foul trouble.

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I think the same way bike…stop Mays and let Smart get whatever. But if Mays gets going it will be a tough out.

I can’t stand Wade and his sideline antics. He acts like a two year old half the time. Add the cheating to that and its just all bad for me. I just hope he doesn’t get my blood pressure up tonight.

One thing I feel good about is that we will be prepared. We will have a game plan to stop those guys. It will be up to our guys to go and execute the staff’s plans.

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