The Transfer Portal?

How many others think the transfer portal is just going to devolve into a big ole cluster fluck?

Why has this year seemed so volatile across the nation as people are hopping in and out of the portal like its the revolving door to a candy store? Is it the Covid freebie that’s making this so crazy?

I think the idea of the transfer portal is a good one, it can let players get a 2nd opportunity someplace. But I think it also can be teaching some bad life lessons as well. Not getting what you want, then don’t bother to work harder and strive to do better to achieve your goals, just grab your stuff and run away to a different place.

I also wonder how many of these players in the portal will discover… oops I got no place now… no one picked me up!! Welcome to life after free college. Time to get a job. Too bad you didn’t stick it out and finish your education while it was free. At least McDonalds maybe paying 15.00 an hour soon.

I think this transfer portal is going to end up hurting more players than it helps. There needs to be a bit stricter requirements for using the portal in my opine. And yes I am well aware of how well Arkansas benefited from Transfer this last year and maybe some of the new ones this year. This is not so much about Arkansas as it is about the portal in general.

You already had too many kids with an over estimate of their self-worth declaring too early for the NBA and getting left out in the cold, at least they kinda helped that by the not sign with an agent thing. Now lets add in the portal to that mess. How many has went into the portal to date? 1600+? How many are going to find themselves on the outside when school starts and now they’ve lost their paid for education opportunity as well.

I am a firm believer in personal responsibility. As a young man, I very well might have blamed bad things that happen on other influences or other people. As an old man when I re-examine my life and choices, I can say without a doubt, everything that happened was a direct result of decisions I made or situations I put myself into. No doubt about it. I am saying this because I believe these players are responsible for the decisions they make, but hell, I’d sure like to be able to really shine a lite on things and make them realize their decisions my have life altering consequences and to think before they leap. Or see a set-up that doesn’t make things so darn easy to jeopardize their future education opportunities.

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I think we are seeing the end of college sports as we know it

Transfers were rampant before the portal. The portal is just a database that makes it easier for coaches to connect with recruits.

I think the uptick in transfer activity this year is due to the extra year afforded because of covid. I think many are probably graduates who are trying to prolong their college career for as long as they can.

everything ends as we know it to create a new thing we know that will then end as we know it. All sports change every year. Rules change every year. No big deal unless you can’t handle change. How’s that wallpaper?

I really have no problem with the transfers or the portal. Coaches get paid a lot of money to figure it out. They will. Not sure how they are going to decide how to handle it, but they probably will do it. Interesting times make for interesting situations.

I look back on history and don’t see a lot of movement from players. But I always saw movement on assistant coaches. You look at how many different coaches an Arkansas player had during the 60s, it was a revolving door. I didn’t see the product suffer. But, they had a lot of players coming in every year.

I’d think they might expand rosters a bit, but that’s expensive and most presidents/ADs don’t want to add to rosters. Maybe they could add the number of walk-ons. Now there is a hard and fast cap on walk-ons. Rosters are the smallest they’ve ever been.

I agree Clay that the product won’t suffer, but I think Votan has some thoughtful insight on the psyche of the young men and women that are going to be making these, what could be, life impacting decisions.
of course, being young, they can overcome some bad decisions, but some folks seem to never get too far beyond it.

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I’ve given up trying to debunk the whole “players are transferring because of the portal” foolishness!
Ignorance is bliss I guess…

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