The transfer crisis

It’s the new generation. Loyalty and hard work use to mean something. Like if you transferred back in the day, it was something negative, it meant you failed. Nowadays any little thing and kids transfer. They see good players coming in… Transfer, They didn’t get the minutes they wanted… Transfer, Coach was too hard on them… Transfer.

Social media cultural. Kids hear nothing, but praise and often too much hype from people around them and some recruiting people. They like to blow these kids up and gain favor. I quit using big time to describe kids. Highly recruited or highly regarded is fair and accurate.

I’ve had coaches talk about having to bring kids down from all the hype on Twitter.

There is some similarity to today’s fans… Don’t like the coach? Go get a new one.

That’s basically what a transfer is doing… Don’t like the coach? Transfer to a new one.


Whatever; it’s certainly no crisis. When good players transfer out, other good players transfer in. Kentucky lives on one and dones so whether a freshman transfers or leave for the pros, he’s still a one and done. Every transfer is another opportunity to recruit and sign a good player.

It’s a crisis in that there’s so many throughout college basketball. 900 last year, at least 400 to this point this year. It just seems like a lot. I’m not going to blame the players or the coaches because it’s hard to know each individual reason. it is something the NCAA may need to address in some way.

Not sure there is a solution. If they make it to where kids can transfer without sitting out then the floodgates are open even more so.

I think of it more as an unpleasant reality of the times than a crisis.

Microwave generation… They want everything quickly… and until the NCAA and NBA get together and establish some sort of common ground, I don’t see anything changing…

Can’t blame transfer crisis on NBA. It is all on the players thinking grass is greener on the other side.

D League G- League - That’s all products of the NBA and a lot of those players should of stayed in college…