The top subject of conversation throughout spring and summer was

Whether we would have football (due to Covid).

Is anybody disappointed that the Hogs are playing football?

I’m disappointed about not being 3-1 like we should be, but this team has surpassed all my expectations the first 4 games.

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No because there does not appear to be any serious safety issue associated with playing college football, either with players or distanced fans. Thus far anyway, and subject to change. Those in charge of implementing SEC football have done a nice job. And obviously, the team’s and Sam’s success has really been a bright spot in an otherwise crappy year.

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Definitely not. I am disappointed they didn’t let the baseball season continue on utilizing the same precautions they are using for football.

I’m also disappointed they didn’t continue the NCAA basketball tourneys in bubbles similar to the NBA playoffs.

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Nobody knew how to do bubbles in mid-March, and it would have had to be set up in less than a week (remember we shut down in mid-SEC tournament). NBA was winging it and just happened to get it right; it could have blown up on them. And it took three months to come up with a plan and get Orlando set up.

There was no way to continue baseball either, given the testing situation that existed at the time. Testing technology has come a long way since March.

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