The Top 25

Perusing the AP Top 25…and I know logic says I shouldn’t post this (or a facsimile) until Sunday, i feel our Hogs would hold their own against the majority of the teams 11-25, if played on a neutral court.

Our solid D is likely to continue, while our offensive stats are likely (per daBoar) to improve. I see that offensive improvement is going to come from three areas, Sills shooting will improve (naturally, as initial results were not “natural”). Our bigs will get more points because they’re being layered into the lineups and getting more “Muss” experience. And, the “team offense” will improve as knowing what Muss wants will become better understood, if not intuitive.

Sure, we’ll be bothered all season by not having a 6’10 big on the court, but I’m thinking they’ll be able to compensate a lot.

I worry about teams like Auburn who have several guys who can play lights out while constantly running up and down the court. But, there are not too many of those teams and we get Aubie at home.

I always like to caution fans before they get too far over their skis about their expectations during the non conference portion of the season. No doubt, I think we possibly have a terrific new coach and may win more games simply due to his ability to prepare this team with in-depth scouting reports, playing hard and smart on defense.
However, to this point we have played exactly one team that is ranked in the top 100 in NCAA D1 basketball and that was the last second road win at Georgia Tech ( ranked around 77 ).
We will play our second top 100 opponent tomorrow at WKU ( ranked around 81 ).
Like you, I think if we play well, shoot well, turn them over at least 15 times we could win the game, but if we don’t do those things then we can also get beat.
Have you actually watched any of the teams currently ranked 11-25?
IMO we aren’t quite there yet, we will get there when we get bigger, better and deeper at the 4&5 spot.
I think we will struggle with real good teams that have dudes at the 4&5 spots that are bigger, better and have depth in those spots which we don’t have this season.

The hogs need some inside presence and run protection. That will tell the story of how they fair this season.
It’s too early to start thinking we are too 25 worthy.
We will get a small sample size at WKY!

Name the 5’s that have won the NBA titles the last 3 years? I thought so. The future of basketball is space and pace with a bunch of interchangeable players. Would I like a skilled 5 that could dominate down low and have the skills to play out on the floor? It would help for sure but we can win a lot of games with the current roster.

Next year, we will have both size and skill. Basketball will be fine.