The Tech on Devo

I just rewatched it a few more times and that was an absolute trash call. He was trying to avoid the guy that was trailing. I’m glad it didn’t change the outcome of the game.

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Devo on that play after the game:

“I mean, when you’re running full speed and going to dunk it, I can’t just fall off the rim and bust my head, you know? But it’s fine. We got the W and it’s all that matters. As long as we won, I’m fine with the technical and all that. I just can’t get another one or I won’t be able to play next game.”

Ego call.

I thought it was a legit call because of the chin up he did at the end.

If he had just held onto the rim, I think he had been fine.

But I thought he went for the style points as well as the safety ones.

I would have thought the same way if it had been a Texas Tech player.


Yeah the chin-up got him.

It’s been in the rulebook all along but rarely called. There have been a couple of Justin’s dunks this year that I wouldn’t have been surprised if he got T’d up.

Swines correct it’s rarely called these days.

Leave it to the Hogs to revive the tradition…

Not only was there a chin-up, but there was a backboard slap as well. I didn’t like it because that’s more a showing of emotion than something dirty, but I feel it was the right call.

Devo slapped the backboard? I didn’t see that…gonna have to go look at that.

Missed the backboard slap as well. Should have a been a 9 for style then.

Left hand, bottom of the backboard right after he released rim.

He deserved it because of chin-up. Of course my 16-year old son thinks you should be able to dunk and do a hand stand on the rim.

Didn’t see the back board slap, but that gets called about 100 percent of the time. Gotta control emotions on the court. Gotta know better.

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