The team just cant catch a break

if Boyd or Whaley finish that game healthy we win that ballgame, but the defense raved all summer about getting the opportunity to play in an aggressive scheme and didn’t make not one play when it counts.

Still playing starters too many reps. They can’t handle it.

noted he played the starting LBs too many snaps last week.

It was something he was clear about in the preseason - he didn’t want to play the starters more than 60 snaps.

But he seems to have fallen in with each of the last few DCs in doing just that

So Dudley, why do you think this is? I thought Poole did pretty well when he was subbing for Dre.

Bumper is going to be a good one, maybe a great one, but he is like most freshmen in that he takes time to learn how to play in college against different schemes.

Hayden Henry is further along and thus he gets more snaps.

Pool’s playing time came against EIU, Colorado State and North Texas. It’s a big jump from those offenses to what Arkansas has seen the past month. It’s dicey putting a freshman linebacker on the field against SEC offenses.