The Team Has Given Up.....Very sad

I grew up during the Hogs best years…I attended the University during the 70’s, the next best years. Sadly, this year is putting the cherry on top of the worst 10 years I can remember.

Cole Kelley fixin to cook up the biggest comeback of all time. Save his coaches job. We love u Bert

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I don’t see how we cannot make a change at seasons end, There is a lot of rich history with this football program. This program used to be very respectable. Win or lose, the Razorbacks played hard and the opposition knew they were in a football game. A change has got to be made. The longer we stay with Bielema, the deeper hole we leave the next guy to climb out of.

I don’t see them giving up. We are badly out manned, but we are playing hard


I don’t think they’ve given up at all. With a quick 17-0 deficit, I’m proud of the way they’ve fought back. It’s clear we’re simply outmanned. When their 5 star defender got injured they mentioned his back up was a 5 star. And that’s just at that one position.

Gotta consider the poster.

It is what it is but we have fought. That’s easy to see.

How many hundred times has pretty much the same thing been said. Probably even said by you in the past. So what is the value of it being repeated continuously?

I don’t think players have quit…we’re just outmanned because our coach has done a poor job of evaluating and developing at too many positions

what was the reason when they smacked CBP 's team? bad coaching or development

i thought he was the GOD most of you prayed to

wait CBB has not been here for 10 years, blaming him on that now

I have to agree with you that it has not been said enough. I also think there is value in repeating it continuously. Got to keep saying it until it sinks in. I appreciate you giving me credit for saying it in the past. I will use your words of encouragement to keep fighting the good fight. Thank you for all the kind words.

Team has not quit and there was quite a bit of young talent out there. I think he gets to complete his rebuild.

As to revisionist history, in the hilts era we had a couple of good years but we also would loss 3-5 games a year too. Hatfiels’s last 2 teams were his best. Others 3-5 losses. Since sec, couple of good years but hardly dominant.

Complete his rebuild? This is his worst team since year one. A rebuild is still in order… do you move forward with the guy that screwed this one up thus far or give someone else a chance?

God Bless. I swear the thread could be about tiddlewinks and you would bring it back to he should be fired.

How many times do you have to post the same thing?

I’m just questioning someone who says he should get to complete his rebuild…I can’t tell that it’s started.

I didn’t see a team that gave up tonight - totally disagree

Seems to me the season the Hogs finished the season ranked #5 , they were steam rolled by both Bama & LSU.

We know. We see it, too. We also see you jump into every thread and post it over and over and over.

LOL - and you follow me around like a school girl. I appreciate the infatuation! :smiley:

No one has to follow you around. Click any thread and there you are–a grown man whining incessantly like a little kid who hasn’t gotten her way, yet.

I swear, I never in my life have seen a bigger group of grown men, sniveling like a bunch of little girls throwing tantrums.

Grow up. Man up. We are awful. Bielema is gonna be fired. Stamping up and down for your woobie on every thread isn’t speeding it up or changing anything.