The symbiosis of Arkansas and Eric Musselman

It’s interesting to look at the winding roads that lead two parties to each other. I think about the Rascal Flats song “God bless the broken road, that led me straight to you” . It applies to my wife and I, each of us coming from relationships that were frankly abysmal, and how perfect we are for each other…

But I digress.

I look at the once proud Hog program, that somehow lost its way. We stumbled along for more than 20 years, and every step forward seemed to be followed by 2 back.

And look at CEM. A journeyman coach. Seemingly somewhat of a prodigy being the youngest NBA coach. But realistically, a failure as an NBA coach. So he goes to the G league, international teams, and finally to a mid-major.

His rise from the depths met our fall from the top. And the result is a truly beautiful thing. We get a coach who I believe is a tactical genius, and a magnificent motivator. And he’s a great promoter as well. The Arkansas job gets him into Power 5, at a proud program with all the resources needed to be successful. Both parties are set to reap the rewards. The ride oughta be a blast.


Yes, well put. And then look at Nolan’s journey. Wow.

Junior high football coach he would not ever rise to (black) head football high school coach in Texas. Switched to hoops and coached 5-10 Hispanic kids, then juco.

Mike’s story pretty good, too.

I love all three stories. And I bet the Muss story gets better. I don’t think Mike’s story over yet.


I agree, I will add another star to the alignment, the timing of HY to the scene.


Don’t stop there. Moody and Smith and the transfer rule sure have helped.


I really like winning. So does Muss.

I think that HY found a gem and our program is back.

Can’t get enough of wining and watching a great coach orchestrate his players. Kudos to Muss, his staff and his players who play successfully both
at home and on the road. Good stuff and keep up the good work.

I loved Clay’s article on how Muss adjusts to the game. Wonderful insight into a part I simply don’t understand. It’s great to see

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The Transfer rule really, really helps. It’s free agency in college. Look for the holes in your team and address it


But the key is how you integrate them into your team. Muss does a great job with that

But not the only key. (Among others,) how about adding developing the player talents such that they fits well (and meshes with) into that integration.

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