The SWAC & the FCS playoffs

Remind me again why the SWAC doesn’t participate in the FCS playoffs?

I think they get a big check from nbc to play the game that they have now. It usually gets good ratings and is played in New Orleans I think. Showcases the bands also.

It’s kind of a shame they don’t get to compete for an NC. I would love to see Prime Time’s Jackson State Tigers vs one of the these FCS powerhouses.

There may be a SWAC team that deserves that.

My son, the Aggie trumpet player, squared off against Prairie View a couple of weeks ago. He said it was the first halftime show they had lost in his three years at A$M.

There’s usually not a SWAC or MEAC team good enough to make the playoffs anyway. I think there was one year where a SWAC team was under consideration for the playoffs and told them we’ll play in the bowl game.

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