The surge in receiver and secondary recruits is amazing..................

…from flipping LaDarrius Bishop to getting the Nebraska commit to decommit and come for an OV to the sudden bunch of 4 stars who are now considering us that would not give us the time of day before. All of this with only a partial staff in place and with just a few days of recruiting so far is very impressive. The fact that so many are defensive recruits without a DC or ANY defensive coaches yet, is extremely significant. Can’t wait to see how they do with a full staff and with ample time to recruit.

Coach Morris have some sort of idea what to do with the Oline! That’s my worry! Next would be stopping the run and getting a pass rush whereQB’s can’t sit back and pick you apart.
The receivers are nice but the defense and Oline are the problem.

I think Modo is speaking about the quality of recruits as much as anything. We have 4 stars interested from TXHSFB programs that are new to us.