The Summer of 1990

Since you brought it up, Swine (not surprisingly), I’ll give my 2 cents at the risk of this thread going where Clay prefers it not to go.

Regarding “inserting religion into football”… the fact is, one’s personal faith can (perhaps should) become such a part of their makeup that it is impossible to “put it on the shelf”. Those spiritual convictions shape how one thinks, decides, acts, and talks, regardless of your walk in life. Convictions are just that: convictions. If you have them, you can’t pretend you don’t. If you are convicted that sharing a Bible verse during YOUR coaches show is right, then you do it. Your convictions have already determined that the voice of your critics is outweighed by the strength of your beliefs. Pretty sure Coach Hatfield would agree.

You’re right, the fans had much to do with running off arguably the 2nd most successful football coach in Razorback history. Coincidence or not, as a result, the program became largely irrelevant for the next decade.

Overall, it was a sad time and I was too far away to see many things going on.
I do hope there is a true turnaround happening now.

I’m absolutely certain he does. I’m also absolutely certain a segment of the fan base was enraged as a result.

Just before the last play of that Texas game the crowd at WMS was as loud as I’ve ever heard it. When Jones caught the TD pass the stadium sounded like a library. Dang (spit) Texas…

The (so called) fans that said horrible things to Kenny and team as they went to the locker room were shameful. What an embarrassment. Like the banner flyers over HDN.

Fans understandably grew tired of Kenny’s & HDN’s failure to beat top teams (including ut & So.Cal) & poor bowl records (1-5 & 2-5 respectively). Both ran old school offenses that had become outdated, easy to defend, & hampered recruiting. Kenny’s record was inflated by a SWC that was no longer competitive in its later years while HDN coached in a more competitive SEC but with only 3 out of 10 winning seasons in conference play.

Change was needed, but agree our fans should have shown more class in expressing that.


Is that the game the UA QB (Greg Thomas?) was injured and couldn’t throw? So the Hogs didn’t have a single pass attempt in the Second Half? And on the UT’s winning TD, the middle of the field was WIDE open for any easy TD?


He was open, but not “wide open”. In fact, IIRC, Atwater tatooed him pretty good just as he was catching the ball and he somehow hung onto it.

And- yes - that was the game Thomas was injured. He had been banged up going into the game, and got tagged late in the fist half. So it was Freshman Grovey in the 2nd half.

That’s a bit of a stretch. Hatfield’s last two teams went 10-2 and his last one was 7th in the country in rushing, so they weren’t that easy to defend,. The bowl record was an issue and the UCLA debacle was sad, but nobody else did that to a Hatfield team. Other than Miami wiping up WMS with us, but that was an NFL team in the white helmets that day.

As for Nutt’s offense, really? Give the credit to Gus and David Lee if you must, but we did some really innovative things in 06-07 to use DMac, Felix and Hillis and scored a lot of points in spite of really mediocre QB play. (Fred should have spent the venom he unleashed on the Allen brothers on the Dick brothers, never mind Mustain).

Nutt’s last team still holds the school record for total offense and scoring offense…so boring!

The program would be much better off if fans would be fans and not try to run the teams. The Hatfield and Nutt eras are proof of that.

Again, those last 2 yrs. with Kenny we were playing in a declining SWC with few strong conference & non-conference competitors. In '88 we were the only ranked SWC team. The ut team that beat us in '89 had a 5-6 record. 1989 was also our 4th straight bowl loss. We competed in SWC but not on a national basis.

Will give Malzahn credit for our 7-1 season since the following yr we were 4-4 even with DMac & Felix. The rest was history after FB fired HDN & the mess he created & left at OM - not that anyone here is complaining.

For the second and last time, JFB didn’t fire HDN.

You seem to want to rewrite history. Either you are a liar or you have bad memory…

Of course, Gus called all the good plays. HDN called the bad ones.

It’s pretty sorry that Gus let people like you actually believe that.

HDN negotiated a $3.4 million settlement from UofA & waiver of his $500K resignation buyout.

Whether paid to resign or fired, not much difference. The press around the country referred to it as a friendly forced resignation due to HDN’s ongoing turmoil within the program. Call it what you like.

JFB was gone before HDN.

You people ran them both off.

JFB was still AD. HDN’s departure was effective 11/26/07. Frank Broyles retired as AD on 12/31/07.

HDN’s forced departure was per his self inflicted scandals, turmoil in the program, applying for two other coaching jobs, recruiting decline, & only 3 of 10 winning SEC seasons. OM terminated him for similar type reasons.

Sad thing is, the Gus Worshippers were behind all that.

10 years later, the Gus lovers jumped the gun in firing BB when we we didn’t have a real AD (because Gus hinted he would take the job). It didn’t work out and we ended up with Chad The Great.

Again, overzealous fans are why we are where we are - the worst football program in the SEC.

JFB was forced to retire because he wouldn’t bow down to the Lynch mob to fire HDN.

I’ll tell you what dfwtexhig, let’s meet the first weekend of Hog Football. We can discuss.

There is a huge difference in “applying for a new job” and listening to a possible offer.

JFB retirement was announced almost 10 months prior to HDN departure. His departure was mostly due to age & health issues, the WMS debate, & too much meddling in the sports programs.

Neither a Gus fan or hater, but did not like HDN’s poor handling of that situation that also contributed to JFB’s demise.

Look forward to meeting & sharing info. With family as insiders to the athletic program, should be interesting.

Yes, big difference.
Disappointed about HDN using NE’s offer & their understanding it was a done deal in January '04 (per their plane sitting on the NWA runway for days that embarrassed the UofA) to bump his salary.

Disgusted soon afterward when disclosed that HDN was applying at other schools, including LSU after Saban departed in late '04 and again with NC State & Miami. However, the inquiry & offer from OM was initiated by JFB on behalf of HDN.