The Sumlin Seat Re-heats

After that dawg mauling tonight. That’s a team I just don’t understand. Meanwhile Butch Jones croons the Eagle’s classic Already Gone. McElwain appears to be in deep trouble at Florida. The OM job was never really Matt Luke’s to lose and CBB keeps hope alive. For now. Barry Odom’s team could be gaining momentum, and if he beats Butch, Mason and Brett, he could be back next year. And then there is win at all cost NOW Aubrun. Who knows what they might do if Gus loses two more. That sure is a lot of potential job openings in the SEC. The most I can ever remember.

And it really looks nasty at Florida. They may be able to get out of the buyout. The more I think about it, it’s not a good year for us to bail on Brett and be in competition with all those programs for a new HC. Who knows, maybe Mullen makes Miss. St. a real contender with Alabama and stays put, but I’m sure FL and TN will come calling for him. I’m at a total loss to see who we could hire that can change the direction, unless it’s Gus who could come home and energize us.

It makes no sense. Put Floridia in the SEC West and they would join us in the basement. The East is pretty weak.

Here are the coaches I think will be fired and in order of likelihood

T1.–Luke, Mcelwain and Jones–all toast

4 & 5-- Odom and Bielema still likely out but have some outs. Odom hosts reeling Fla and UT and ends with winnable road games at Vandy and Ark. Ark could still get to 6 or 7 without a miracle. I honestly think the number of openings may be a factor. Not sure Long will fire him unless he’s confident he can upgrade. There are going to be about 10 jobs open that are similar or better than ours.

6–Sumlin–staring at 7-5 again. We will see if AD sticks to his guns.

Losing 4 games might get Sumlin fired and winning 4 might get Bielema another year. Heck, if Bielema can win 6-7’games next season, he should get a raise and extension. We’ll probably build a statue of him and name one of the football facilities after him.


Sumlin is toast. He’s done

blah blah blah I don’t like BB blah blah blah…

Sort of weird Jeff Long has not tweeted a thing today. He’s usually quite active after a win by the FB team.

Let’s hope JL cares more about winning than some of the fans. I’m certain that some fans here doesn’t think a HC should be fired over wins & losses. Sure, they would like to win, but they are just as content with losing.

Hawgzilla, you are something else. Get a life.

CBB getting to 6 wins is possible but improbable. Getting to 7 is almost in the water-to-wine category. I liked yesterday but Ole Miss is not Mistake or the LSU tiggers.

Hawgzilla - I am not a fan of B.B. but come on. No one here is just content with losing as winning. Is there a difference of opinion as to if B.B. can get us there? Yes. Do I think he can? No. Does that mean those that think he can are fine with losing? No.

After that dawg mauling tonight. That’s a team I just don’t understand. .
[/quote]Hmmm. Kellon Mond QBR against the Hogs 82.8; against MSU (at home) 5.3 …5.3?

Talk about a “Hog Seats” discussion to come in 3 weeks.

You really need to take a break from the board for a while if you are this messed up.

Some of y’all may be right. I think that I’ll change my board name to the “eternal optimist.” There will always be next year. That’s the key to living in la la land. Hey, I think that I can see some positives. I think he deserves another year. We will be better next year. Maybe that’s the secret to never growing old. Next year doesn’t have to come. There will always be next year. I think you guys are onto something. lol

Yep. There will be next year. Maybe we have a new coach then. Maybe we don’t. I’m not gonna get bent out of shape either way. I can handle losing football games, although I like winning much better.

I have many, many more things more important in my life, that I spend time actually worrying about, than what happens on a 360x160 strip of grass. Games are for fun, a distraction.

What I can’t handle is endless negativity, which negates the fun aspect. I get enough of that from my brother, to which I respond “shut your trap,” with a few colorful adjectives sprinkled in. I can’t sprinkle those adjectives in here but I can create the same general impression. I also can’t avoid my brother, but I can avoid the haters here. And probably should avoid you more.


You probably should

Agree, Swine. The Ignore option is great.

It must be a bitter cross to bear to have to live under the same roof 24-7 with people that seem to enjoy wallowing
in their own little pity party.